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Customize Your Tan for Winter!

You can glow all year long! Customize your Winter tan! Whether you are the type of person who wants to lighten their tan for the Fall and Winter, or you are the type to want to keep rocking your deep Summer faux glow all year long, we have your back! At BronzedBerry, we pride ourselves in being able to provide…

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5 Reasons To Start Teeth Whitening Business In 2023

Reasons to start offering teeth whitening now!  There are so many reasons to start a teeth whitening business in 2023. Accordingly, we will begin with most obvious. First, there is a growing demand for teeth whitening services. Basically, as people become more conscious about their appearance, they begin searching for fast results. Further, this presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to…

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Domestic Violence Support

Let’s Unite Against Domestic Violence!​ Domestic violence can occur at any time and in any relationship. It can happen to anyone of any age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or education level. Abuse can look many different ways and it is NEVER the fault of the survivor that the abuse is occuring. This is HUGELY important: if your partner is…

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Prestige Skincare Might Ruin Fake Tans

Prestige Skincare Might Ruin Fake Tans: Prestige (premium/high-end) skincare is packed with great ingredients that help you preserve your youthful glow. In fact, many of these anti-aging products contain Retinoids or Alpha Hydroxy, which have been shown in evidence-based studies to work effectively to slow and/or reverse key signs of aging. Unfortunately, these products speed up the renewal and turn-over…

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Clean Beauty Promise

Clean Beauty Promise BronzedBerry is on a mission to change the way people choose and use sunless tanning products with our clean beauty promise. For over 10 years we’ve manufactured sunless tanning products using natural ingredients that can be enjoyed by everyone. We leave out the junk and use only clean natural ingredients. Therefore clients feel better in their own…

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fix patchy spray tans

Patchy Spray Tans – How To Fix & Avoid

Blotchy or patchy spray tans can happen to anyone who uses sunless tanning products. But, with a little education we hope to help you avoid a patchy and peeling spray tan.  Dread that patchy spray tan look? We will help you fix it!  A spray tan is NOT meant to completely change the color of your skin, instead it’s meant…

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now hiring spray tan technician

We’re Hiring!

We Want YOU! We’re Hiring! Our studio is booming and we need you! Maybe, we need someone you know 🤓 Also, this part-time position comes with perks (like free spray tans), great pay and no experience required! Job Summary Get ready to “wow” clients with an exceptional spray tan experience, unlike any other. Clients should be greeted and provided a…

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Social Media Hacks For Spray Tanners

Importance of Social Selling Social media hacks are one of the best ways to attract new clients and keep return clients engaged. Further, social selling is something ALL small businesses need to get on board with. Also, in the service industry, like professional spray tanning, it seem impossible to sell a service virtually. Luckily, while it seems difficult, it can…

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Streaky Spray Tan & Neck Creases

How To Fix Streaky Tan – Video Transcript What is this? Why is it here? How do we fix this?Patchy streaky necks occurs when you get a spray [or self] tan that has makeup in it. Most spray tanning solutions have makeup to help the tanning artist apply it evenly but also to give you some instant gratification while your…

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