Top 4 Spray Tan Kits Compared

spray tan kit comparison guide
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With so many spray tan kits on the market it can be hard to tell the difference in them. The most popular questions seem to be, “which spray tan kit has the best equipment”, or “which spray tan kit has the best training”.

A spray tan kit is usually purchased by someone looking to start a spray tan business, or someone who wants to spray themselves regularly. Generally speaking, individuals not looking to make this a career or business will usually seek out equipment on Amazon. There are plenty of good deals with equipment imported from China at a reasonable rate. Those looking to pursue spray tanning as a business should invest in quality equipment, solutions and training. So, let’s break things down into those categories, before diving into specifics and brands.

Equipment – Every spray tan kit will come with either a HVLP (most common for spray tanning) or an LVLP (small tiny airbrush machine). Using an HVLP will provide amazing results in less than 5 minutes and therefore is the MOST popular when it comes to performing an individual spray tan. Our comparisons will only cover HVLP machines.

The two most popular types of HVLP are currently the Maxi-Mist and Apollo brands. The largest name in spray tanning is Norvell and currently they private label their equipment from one of these other brands mentioned so we will focus on our comparisons on kits that include the aforementioned. The prices generally range between $226-$399 for these models, when sold separately.

Solutions – There is only one ingredient approved for use as a tanning agent in personal care products in the United States, DHA (DihyroxyAcetone). So this means that every sunless tanning product, spray, mouse, lotion or spray tan machines will contain it. DHA has been safety used since the 1960’s for this purpose. Over the years manufacturers have improved upon the experience and currently it can be hard to tell a faux glow from a UV one. Many solutions claim to be organic or natural but contain ingredients that are very questionable. It is up to the consumer to read labels and make certain they are comfortable with the ingredients. Currently, as of this article, the FDA does not regulate or require testing or proof of natural/organic claims in the sunless tanning industry. DHA itself is NOT considered organic.

All starter kits compared in this article include between 8-32 ounces of solution to practice with.

Training – This is where the rubber meets the road. Spray tan training, spray tan certifications and spray tan classes, can be held and offered by anyone. There is not government or regulatory agency that provides a legal spray tan license. Anyone offering training is doing so based on their professional experience in the industry.

Hands on training is the very best way to learn, however with technology advancements, online learning has become the norm and many spray tan companies offer both hands on and online courses.

Compared below are four kits that include an HVLP, tanning solution and training offered by four different companies. These represent some of the most popular brands in the United States for spray tanning and training. The training will be based on each brands offering of Master Level theory and personal evaluation/critique.

Many kits include an online course with ZERO interaction with a professional, no one is qualifying their work. Our comparison guide takes it one step further by exploring each of these offerings and price comparing including personal evaluation. Currently, BronzedBerry is the only company that offers and online course with 2 hours of a personal experts time and an evaluation of the artists work. This ensure the trainee can be confident spraying clients for money immediately because an expert has seen their work and verified it’s professionalism. All this without the need to travel. Hands on in person training is by far the most superior but many simply can’t afford it.

Not only does BronzedBerry offer the most in-depth online course but it beats the competitors price by and average of $437!

Anyone looking to break into this business should avoid online marketplace spray tan kits and choose a company that provide great training and support your new business.

Andy Cohen Melanoma Scare

andy cohen melanoma scare

It can happen to anyone!! Melanoma kills one person every hour in the USA. Andy Cohen, famous for producing many of our fav reality shows like the Housewives franchise, was not exempt from this disease.

He claims to be tanorexic (addicted to tanning) and even though he is super rich and famous that did not stop melanoma from growing on his lip.

In fact he put off getting it looked at for months, but because of good friend Kelly Rippa’s instance, he finally got it checked out.

His melanoma diagnosis has changes his relationship with tanning.

Listen in his own words.

Melanoma Detection |Be A Nuisance

jackie smith melanoma survivor
Jackie Smith Melanoma Survivor & Advocate

Melanoma, is the deadliest form of skin cancer and can happen to anyone! Healthcare professionals did not take Jackie Smiths condition seriously. However, her strength, resilience and determination to press on and not take “no” for an answer is a lesson to us all.

melanoma is for fair-skinned, middle-aged, Caucasian women….

Listen to her tell a piece of her own story, and consequently dismantles the myth that this is a “white” person disease.

Skin cancer can affect any race or gender. Did you know that Bob Marley died from Melanoma as well?

As a young African American female, Jackie is NOT your typical skin cancer advocate. She is a role model who teaches each of us that cancer does not discriminate. It happens to young, beautiful humans everyday. For instance according to the American Academy of Dermatology, almost one person dies every hour from melanoma in the US.

For African Americans a Melanoma diagnosis is often a death sentence, because of late stage detection. It does not have to be this way. Take Jackie’s story to heart and pass it on. And most importantly Share Jackies story with your loved ones and remind them that being a nuisance should be the least of your worries.

Above all, her advice is that you are the best advocate for your health. Don’t take “no” for an answer. Find a doctor that will listen and take you seriously. Your life may be at stake.

Therefore, see an oncologist, not a dermatologist if you or someone you know is diagnosed with Melanoma. This one doctor switch can save your life.

Jackie finds ways to give back by volunteering and even going to Capitol Hill to advocate for melanoma research and awareness, read more about her here.

Going National

We've got goals for growth and we want to take you with us! Everytime we pivot and grow our members get rewarded. As a company we have a goal to add 100 new Artists to our club. That kind of growth is something we've been planning for are are ready to handle. We have the software, manufacturing and infrastructure set in place waiting to help these newbies. 

When we grow, our members are rewarded. With 100 new Artists we will be able to lower the costs  so that members receive 50% off of BBombshell and Clear as well as Classic!!! This is HUGE and we can't wait to share the new lower price. 

Help us get there: When members referring other members they can receive $100 Visa Gift Card! Just have the new Artist put your name (first and last) into the Order Notes section. We'll review these and you'll get your gift card. It's the easiest referral process in the world. 

We can't wait to see how we are going to grow and to see Artists helping Artists. 


Amie B 

Founder BronzedBerry 

One Dr. Appointment Can Change Your Life

We listen to Laura McDaniel as she walks us through her harrowing ordeal with her Melanoma Story. She is not defined by this one aspect of her life though. She is an accomplished lawyer, mother, ally and survivor.

Hear what it takes to challenge Doctors, trust your gut and be cured!

Wear Shades

eye skin cancer warning

Everyone knows that cancer can grow in any part of our body but did you realize that you can get skin cancer in your eyes? By it's name one can assume that it's only on the outside of the skin but the truth is scarier! 

Don't worry tough because your opthemolologist can check for changes during routine annual eye exams! 

Protect your eyes with UV resistant shades always look cool anyways! 

Check out our other blogs on this topic, click here

Sunscreen Safety

It's a jungle out there! How can any reasonable person differentiate a quality sunscreen from the junk? 

TRUE: The FDA has toughened up on companies and now require validation studies to prove effectiveness. Let's give them a slow clap for that...even though it took years to get them to finally wise up to that. Better late than never. 

So what's the big deal? Well, for starters, did you know that the US has only less than half the amount of approved active sunblock ingredients than Europe? Did you know that what we have here in the US is NOT the best protection? Well, if you know anything about the cosmetics and beauty industry in the US, this shouldn't surprise you. We believe we can do better. Did you know that beyond active ingredients like zinc oxide, the non-active ingredients make up about 90% of sunscreen volume? 

So....if you are NOT looking at the label and reading the ingredients you may be shocked to know that a lot of sunscreens marketed to babies and children actually contain chemicals banned in Europe because they are known carcinogens. 

Read the labels and chose wisely! Need help? The EEWG has a list of the best and what's in it, they also have a list of the worst cosmetics and sunscreens too.

Check them out here

That's right, sunscreen manufacturers are knowingly putting carcinogenic ingredients into children's sunscreens here in the US but actually have a different formula for their sunscreen and children's products in Europe 


Spray Tan Tax Tips

As a business owner, you'll need to understand state and national tax terms and what applies to you. We highly recommend you spend some time reading through this and following our guide to making certain you are collecting and filing all the right kinds of taxes. Plus, we don't want you missing out on deductions! 


I'ts not complicated or difficult to run your own business as and independent contractor with BronzedBerry. You are your own boss and that comes with benefits! 

Tanning Artists are independent representatives of BronzedBerry LLC and are 100% responsible for filing their own taxes. The IRS allows individuals to file a personal 1099 each year for income they have earned.

Click Here for IRS 1099 MISC Tips & Forms

We will provide a 1099-MISC to any artist that earns $600.00 or more in BB Bucks. BronzedBerry encourages each Tanning Artist to enlist the help of a certified tax professional if they questions. They are trained to help you file the proper paperwork. Best of all they can help you with calculating your lawful deductions. Below you will find tips and information that we hope is useful, we are not tax professionals and therefore the below information should not be used as legal advice. 


Every penny you receive including tips are taxable. That's why it's so important to keep great records of your expenses. In order to determine IF you owe the state or IRS money at the end of year you will subtract your expenes from your income and if your taxes will be based on what you netted after your expenses. However, remember those utilites, cell phone and mileage deductions? This is where all that hard work of record keeping comes in handy. Your tax professional will know how to attribute a value to those in order to maximize your lawful deductions. 

Ways to keep track - Are you offering credit card purchases? If not, you should, hardly anyone carries cash and the fees are tax deductible! Any system like Paypal or our preferred provider, has an app for your phone that lets you keep track of client purchases! Even cash or check transactions. So, get in the habit of entering each client transaction into the system. Squareup even has a loyalty program you can create for free for clients. So, it's very helpful and will make it a breeze at tax time! Otherwise keep track on your calendar and at the end of the year add it all up. 


Use our guide to help make sure you are keeping track of vital information as it relates to your business.  As a business owner, there are many items in your home that can qualify as a deduction for your business! You will have indirect and direct expenses for your business. 

Direct & Indirect Expenses - These expenses are related to your actual work, like cell phone, postage for mailing, supplies ( tan solution, equipment, client disposables, paper products (paper towels), notepads, office supplies). Don't forget your home office (speak with your CPA about the square footage dedicated to working as well as any utilities that qualify). You'll get to write off a percentage of these depending on your business. Make sure that you are calculating your travel, this includes a trip to post office, clients home or marketing events. Your CPA expense is also a deduction. Basically, a good rule of thumb is that anything you buy for your business can be a write-off! Even your BronzedBerry Membership

TIP: Grab your odometer mileage at the beginning of the year. You'll need it for your tax return. And keep track of mileage. A simple way is to add each appointment or qualifying trip into your google calendar. Add the physical address and then at the end of the year add it all up! Or download a mileage tracking app right on your phone. 

Save your receipts and if you want to make it easy for your self-input them weekly or monthly into a simple Google Doc spreadsheet. You can provide your own Income/Expense Sheet to your CPA or do your own taxes....but you should be keeping up with this monthly to alleviate tax stress.

*Details above are for your information and should not be taken as legal tax advice. It is the responsibility of each Tanning Artist to keep track of local state and federal laws regarding spray tanning services as well as reseller sales tax obligations.

Spilled It | Tanning Artist Shares Her Success Story

Is it easy to spray tan a client? What's it like to learn online and then tan clients for profits? Hear straight from an Artists' mouth, as Jen B dives into how she got started as a spray tan artist. She runs her own spray tan biz, with BronzedBerry, and is killing it. Learn the how, the why and what is required to make this business work.

Listen to her story and TAKE NOTES if you want to expand your business or build your spray tan brand.

Video Sections:

  • Ingredients Matter 1:23
  • Perfect Customers 2:45
  • Research Kits & Equipment 3:33
  • License/Permits 4:30
  • How I Broke Into Industry 4:40
  • Importance Of Working With A Group 6:22
  • What Scared Me 7:08
  • Does Online Training Work 8:14
  • Where I Advertise 8:54
  • Start Small 11:15
  • Why I Sell Retail Products 12:28
  • My Problem Areas 13:48
  • Client Feedback 14:25
  • How Much I Charge 15:40
  • This Really Happened 16:24
  • Does Bronzedberry Work 17:25