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*Updated 2023

Everyone wants a bright white and healthy smile.

The problem is so many options, including so called “natural” ones can have poor results, or even worse, they can damage your teeth!

As an avid teeth whitener myself, I’ve tried and researched them all. Most everyone is familiar with whitening strips (cost up to $80+) and kits with trays from a dentist that can cost upwards of $300.

Let’s compare the Top 3 most popular at home teeth whitening trends. 

Trend 1: "Natural Magic" Toothpaste

nuskin whitening toothpaste

The internet is booming with influencers and mompreneurs posting their results using and selling a “magic natural”, “safe even for children” toothpaste. Have you seen it?

If I could brush away years of stains off my teeth naturally, I’d be all about it. But recently I’ve been seeing claims from friends on Facebook about a toothpaste that will permentatnly remove stains, whiten teeth naturally and is gentle enough for children. But, none of their pictures included the brand name or ingredient list so I was on a mission to figure this trend out.

The Claim: Naturally Whiten Teeth | Safe Enough For Children

The Price: $20 Per Tube $200 Per Year

The Research: It works… temporarily. But just like the charcoal paste, it’s an abrasive agent in the paste that is scrubbing away surface stains. This can be problematic for anyone who is concerned with their enamel and especially for children. Everyone needs to decide for themselves if the price is worth it, considering you have to keep using it to keep up the results, results are NOT permanent. This toothpaste is produced by multi-level marketing company, Nu-Skin. Just google Nu-Skin toothpaste complaints and you’ll see a slew of info and research on this brand. 

Nu Skin does NOT say it’s natural however it’s distributors often say “it’s safe for kids and it’s natural”. My issues are not with the company, they are free to produce and make whatever they want however they are still liable for what their sales people are saying. I’m hopeful they’ll buckle down and educate them a bit more on the use of the word “natural” and “safe”. My biggest gripe is why are the sales people not disclosing the company name and what it is? Is it a secret?  If you actually look at the ingredients (click to read), there are many that are questionable for ingesting. Personally I would never let my child ingest these, especially on a regular basis!

Teeth whitening, in my oppinion is something that should be done and marketed for adults and teens only, it makes me cringe to hear people advocating this to children. But, to be fair, the ingredients are not really any different then other whitening pastes on the market so if you would be comfortable using those on your kiddos then this should be no different.

Trend 2: LED Teeth Whitening Kits

LED teeth whitening kits are all the rage and for good reason. Whiten your teeth in as little as one hour with results that last up to a year! Depending on brand these kits can even be good for those suffering from teeth sensitivity as well.

The Claim: Naturally Whiten Teeth In One Hour

The Price: $40 – $120 Per Kit/Per Year (one kit lasts entire year)

The Research: These kits are available for purchase from many companies. We found the widest range for our research on Amazon. Peroxide and Non-Peroxide formulas are available. Peroxide formulas achieve the best, most permanent result (up to a year) by actually bleaching your teeth. Those worrying about tooth enamel erosion from abrasive toothpastes will find these kits more satisfactory. Peroxide kits are NOT recommended for children and best suited for adults. Non Peroxide kits are perfect for anyone with teeth sensitivity, the results are not as good as peroxide based gels but improvement is definitely noticeable.

The Problem: Many companies provide teeth whitening trays and do not disclose the ingredients or where the gel comes from. Many gels are made in China and drop shipped using companies like Amazon for distribution. Be careful and research each kit, find out where the gel is made and the peroxide percentage.

The highest strength available for retail sale is 16% Hydrogen Peroxide. Teeth gel trays will use up unnecessary amounts of gel and increase tooth sensitivity because the gel is wrapping around the back side of the teeth and surrounding the gum line. Most tooth sensitivity can be avoided by simply not using a tray and applying the gel directly to your teeth with only a slight overlap of the gum line. Find a company whose gel is made in the USA and one that you can trust and enjoy the ease of at home teeth whitening that actually works, lasts and is reasonably priced. The fact that it can be accomplished in one hour is a total bonus and reason to buy right away!

BronzedBerry is proud to offer LED Teeth Whitening Kits with 16% gel made in the USA.Our ingredients are reviews are worth a look too!  Check them out, click here.  

Trend 3: Charcoal

charcoal toothpaste

The Claim: Charcoal will remove stains and whiten teeth

The Price: $9.99-$35.00 Per Tube 

The Research: Activated Charcoal is amazing for many things but be cautious using this on your teeth. It can be abrasive and depending on the condition of your teeth and enamel it can cause more harm than good. It may lift temporary stains, like today’s coffee, but the ‘sins’ of yesteryear require a bleaching agent to permanently remove stains. Charcoal toothpaste requires consistent use in order to keep any of the minimal results you would expect to receive. 

The Problem: It’s messy, ineffective and could be dangerous. I’m just not into cleaning my sink out every day so making it myself out of capsules is a no go for me. The pastes themselves seem fine enough but I just don’t like using abrasives on my family’s teeth. I’d rather have a permanent solution that is quick.

The ADA (American Dental Association) advises agains the use of Charcoal on your teeth. Learn more, click here

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