Why Us

Firstly, we’re all about shaking up beauty standards with our sunless tanning. Unlike others, who use young model clichés; we’re here to celebrate the timeless beauty of women over 40. We’re making sunless tanning cool, natural, and totally you.

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Sunless Tanning For Women

Origin Story

All of a sudden, a red mole changed everything. Because it eventually turned into Melanoma and sadly took the life of BronzedBerry’s founder, Amie Burkholder’s father.

Before his passing, Amie desperately wanted to help with appointments and medical care, but her corporate job’s schedule was a significant barrier.

Fortunately, before his passing, her father witnessed her wedding. For this event, she got a spray tan, and though it wasn’t a disaster, she noted areas needing improvement.

So inspired by this experience, she founded BronzedBerry. It has since grown from her garage to a full studio, overseeing a manufacturing line of sunless products and training over 300 artists

amie burkholder and dad at wedding
Amie Burkhholder & Her Dad

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make every woman feel awesome in her skin with a no-fuss natural sunless tanning glow. Because every body deserves to be celebrated, and we’re here to help you feel that. Women should feel confident in our studio or at home with our products. 

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