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Hilarious Spray Tan Tent FAIL

spray tan tent how to fold

Pop up spray tan tents are very popular, but they can be a little tricky to set up. Everyone thinks it’s easy to set up a spray tanning tent, until they’ve tried it themselves. 

Improper Spray Tan Tent Technique

In all seriousness, there is an easy way to set up your spray tan tent. Watch and learn from 12 year spray tan expert veteran, Amie Burkholder. She will walk you through how to set it up, and put it back together with ease. 

The Proper Way To Open & Close A Spray Tan Tent

Operating a spray tan tent may seem intimidating for beginners, but with the right guidance and techniques, anyone can learn how to do it properly. Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to add spray tanning services to your existing salon, it’s important to know how to properly open and close your spray tan tent.

Before you open your tent, make sure you have adequate room. In the beginning the tent can “get away” from you and pop out of your hands. Give yourself plenty of room so you don’t damage furniture or other belongings. 

Open Tent:  Stand the tent up, pull from one inside corner out (see video).

Close Tent: Grab a hold of one corner and push into the opposite corner. Fold tent together, while it’s standing up. Lay flat on the ground, fold the tent in half then pull towards your shins. Lay pieces on top of each other, all parts should be laying in a flat circle (see video). 

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