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Clean Beauty Promise

Clean Beauty Promise

BronzedBerry is on a mission to change the way people choose and use sunless tanning products with our clean beauty promise. For over 10 years we’ve manufactured sunless tanning products using natural ingredients that can be enjoyed by everyone. We leave out the junk and use only clean natural ingredients. Therefore clients feel better in their own skin without suffering the consequences of cheap or inferior products. 

In the US only 11 ingredients/chemicals are banned by the FDA.

According to, the FFDCA  (Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act) has not been significantly updated in regards to cosmetics in almost 80 years! Moreover, to make things even more confusing ingredients can be banned not just nationally but at the state level. For example, California has banned 28 chemicals, according to Consumers purchasing power is what’s driving many companies to create their own clean beauty promise and use more natural ingredients. 

Conversely, in Europe over 1328 chemicals have been banned…

Clean Beauty Promise

Doesn't The FDA Protect Us?

 Many people believe that the FDA’s job is to ensure products are safe for consumers…but this is not the case. In the US much of the responsibility is placed on the individual. As a result, consumers are left with an overwhelming and daunting task of trying to figure out which companies are actually telling the truth.  

Therefore, we created our own  strict ingredient selection process leaving out the bad and incorporating effective and natural ingredients that do the most good.  

For over a decade we’ve been putting humans and our world over that of profits, and our Clean Beauty Promise is our way of declaring to the world our standards. We chose high quality natural ingredients, approved for use in Europe, that are not only great for humans but also are biodegradable and sustainably sourced.
When choosing skin care find brands that have similar values to your own.

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