LED Teeth Whitening Instructions

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*Updated 2023

Get up to 8 shades whiter with our teeth whitening kit. Use the information below to remove surface stains and reveal a younger healthier looking smile. This is perfect for those with healthy teeth who want dramatic results in less time.

 Use the tips below to get the most out of LED gel teeth whitening kits.

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Step 1: Watch The How To Video

Let us walk you through unpacking your kit and explain the items inside and how to use them. Our kits will always include an LED light and gel at its most basic level.

BronzedBerry Pro-Tip: If you bought a different companies product…ditch the tray. Follow our video and apply the gel directly to your teeth. This will help reduce sensitivity from the gel overlapping your gums and you’ll use about the half the gel! This only works if your system has an LED light.  

Step 2: How Much Gel To Use

led teeth whitening gel guide

In each treatment you’ll roughly use about 1mL of gel, but don’t focus on that. Apply enough gel to completely cover your top and bottom teeth. We suggest you apply gel to all the teeth that show when you smile. 

Don’t waste your gel by going too far back, remember it’s LED light activated so if the light can’t reach it, you are wasting your product.

Step 3: Guidelines For Safe Use

Always refer to the manufacturer’s guide first. Most take home kits with an LED light are intended to be used in multiple treatments, each treatment lasting between 15-20 minutes. Beyond that the LED activated ingredients do not work so there is zero use in keeping it on longer. After each 20 minute session, you’ll reapply the gel and begin the process over again. The higher the concentration of peroxide the stronger the bleaching agent and the more you’ll need to be careful not to overdo it. We recommend NO more than 3 consecutive treatments lasting no more than 20 minutes each. If you are using a high quality gel the results will last you between 6-12 months!  

BronzedBerry Pro-Tip: Put gel in the fridge and discard within 12 months, or less if the package indicates an expiration date. Refrigeration will help keep bacteria from growing inside your gel syringe. Always discard if something smells or looks suspicious.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT medical or dental advice. Seek professional guidance if you have questions about the safety of teeth whitening for your teeth or that of a minor. This is intended as a reference for kits available for purchase off the internet with 16% or less peroxide concentration.

3 thoughts on “LED Teeth Whitening | Get The Most Out Of It”

  1. Ashley Nicole Gilbert

    Do you have actual before and actual pictures of clients using your teeth whitening kits? Also i was ordering the course today but i am questioning now why not just sell these kits rather than perform the actual teeth whitening in the salon? What are the benefits or differences in what i would be using?

    1. Amie Burkholder

      Hi Ashley – No we have not collected pictures from at home clients. We personally do both at our studio. We sell the kits and perform the services. Having both options actually sells more! The investment in equipment and training is something you’d earn back very quickly. Our course teaches you how to sell both the service or the at home kit and even parties.

  2. I am so EXCITED!!!! I received my Teeth Whitening Certification almost 2 months ago. It has taken my Spray Tan business to the next level! My goal was to book 10 Teeth Whitening’s per month. This goal seemed realistic as i am from a small town. The results from the Bronzed Berry Teeth Whitening Solution have been so amazing that i am booking close to 10 Teeth Whiteings per week! I cannot believe it. My business is booming, this is by far the best decision i made when continuing my education as well as growing my business. Thank you so much Bronzed Berry
    Ashley Gilbert
    Gilbert Girls

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