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Andy Cohen Melanoma Scare

andy cohen melanoma scare

Melanoma, a type of skin cancer, is a deadly disease that claims one person’s life every hour in the USA. Despite the alarming statistics, many people still underestimate the risks of excessive sun exposure and tanning. One of those people was Andy Cohen, a famous TV producer known for producing many of our favorite reality shows, including the Real Housewives franchise.


Andy Cohen was what he calls a “tanorexic” – someone addicted to tanning. He would spend hours in the sun and in tanning beds to achieve the perfect bronze look. Unfortunately, being rich and famous did not protect him from the dangers of melanoma. In fact, it wasn’t until a good friend, Kelly Ripa, urged him to get a strange spot on his lip checked out that he discovered he had melanoma.

Like many people, Andy Cohen put off going to the doctor for months. He thought the spot on his lip was just a cold sore. But when it started to bleed and wouldn’t go away, he knew he had to take it seriously. After a biopsy, he received the shocking news that he had melanoma.

Andy Cohen’s melanoma diagnosis changed his relationship with tanning. He realized that his addiction to tanning could have cost him his life. He’s now more aware of the risks and takes extra precautions to protect his skin from the sun. He’s also become an advocate for skin cancer awareness and encourages others to take their skin health seriously.

If someone as successful and well-known as Andy Cohen can fall victim to melanoma, then it can happen to anyone. Don’t take chances with your skin health. Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays and get any suspicious spots or moles checked out by a dermatologist. Early detection is key in the fight against melanoma.

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