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Comprehensive Spray Tan Certification & Expert Artist Support

Our Spray Tan Certification course is unlike any other. Firstly, with 4 Modules, video tutorials, and expert-level advice, we prepare you for excellence right out of the gate.

Additionally, certification includes a Zoom session with an Expert Artist & Mentor Amie Burkholder, along with a Solution Starter Set and physical manual.

Bonuses: Custom Blending Course, Spray Tan Business School, and more

BONUS: Custom Blending Course, Spray Tan Business School and more 

Need equipment? Get our FREE guide to building your own kit with with direct links to equipment and supplies we use, click here.

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What you will learn:


Private Zoom With Expert Artist Amie Burkholder

Why choose us?

Our simple and easy-to-follow spray tan training course includes everything you need to start your own spray tanning business and manage day-to-day operations for optimum success. Moreover, it can be completed in as little as 10 days!

Additionally, save hundreds off competitors’ programs. Our course is the most comprehensive and includes a Zoom evaluation of your work, setting us apart as pioneers in this field for over 10 years.

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Spray Tan Certification: Success Stories

spray tan training review

This kit was exactly everything that I needed to launch my mobile spray tan business. I’ve been pretty busy since becoming certified. So I think it’s a great value and very simple and easy-to-use.

spray tan training review

I work at a salon and added this to my services and my clients love it! The products are amazing and the training is super detailed. The knowledge in this course alone will set you apart from people in this industry.  

5 star spray tan training review

The training I received was professional, informative & at my own pace. I was confident in my routine, skill set. It is very exciting to be an independent woman and running your own business!

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Meet Your Mentor

Hello, Amie B

This brand started as a mobile spray tanning business out of my garage. As the brand grew, so did my passion for helping other women start their own successful spray tan and teeth whitening businesses.

Consequently, as a business school graduate with IT experience and a love for beauty, I combined my passions and have created a system that’s easy to follow, easy to replicate, and turnkey. Therefore, let me help you achieve independence and freedom too.

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Module 1

Spray Tanning Basics

Our spray tan training course can get you certified in as little as 10 days! Additionally, our online spray tan certification course comes with a personal evaluation of your work via Zoom. In fact, we are the only company to offer this, and indeed, we’ve been pioneering these evaluations for 12 years.

Module 2

Business Basics

Learning how to spray tan is just a piece of the business puzzle. Additionally, use our swipe files and client communication tools to help avoid costly mistakes.
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Module 3

Routine & Technique

We’ve created a routine and technique that reduces mistakes and overspray; moreover, it enables Artists to customize a client’s spray tan experience.

Module 4

Leveraging Existing Brands | Increase Revenue

Learn to discern: Firstly, what types of products help grow spray tan service businesses? Secondly, does offering discounts help? Finally, what solution is best for the Artist and clients?

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"I wasted money & felt unprepared"

At first I purchased another popular brand’s training and solution. But, I still didn’t know what really to do.  I was frustrated and needed more education. BronzedBerry changed all that and gave me a product I can believe in that my clients love. My advanced skills increase my income.
– Brooke L


You've got questions? We have answers!

bronzedberry online training course options

Starting a mobile spray tan business involves several steps:

  • Research & Planning: Understand the market demand in your area. Identify your target audience and study your competitors.
  • Certification: Enroll in a reputable spray tan certification course, either online or in-person, to gain the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Business Essentials: Obtain a business license, choose a catchy business name, and get liability insurance.
  • Equipment & Products: Invest in high-quality spray tan equipment and solutions. 
  • Marketing: Create a professional website, utilize social media, and consider offering promotions to attract initial clients.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the latest techniques and trends in the spray tanning industry.

There are various spray tan certifications available:

  • Basic Certification: Covers the fundamentals of spray tanning, skin types, and basic techniques.
  • Advanced Certification: Delves deeper into advanced techniques, contouring, and addressing specific skin concerns.
  • Master Certification: Comprehensive training that includes business strategies, advanced techniques, and often hands-on practice.
  • Online vs. In-Person: While online courses offer flexibility, in-person training provides hands-on experience and immediate feedback.

BronzedBerry provides a comprehensive training in our basic Certification course. Don’t be fooled by competitors offerings. Our course contains training that others offer in their Master courses. 

Anyone with a passion for beauty and wellness can offer spray tanning services. However, it’s crucial to undergo proper training and certification to ensure you provide safe and high-quality services to your clients.

*exception for those states and counties that require esthetics licenses. 

Licensing requirements vary by state and country. Typically, a business license is required to operate. Some states may also require a cosmetology or esthetician license. Always check with local regulations and health departments to ensure compliance.

When choosing a spray tanning class:

  • Accreditation: The spray tanning industry is NOT governed by the cosmetology board. Classes can be taught and sold by anyone. Choose wisely! 
  • Course Content: Review the syllabus to ensure it covers essential topics.
  • Reviews & Testimonials: Check feedback from past students.
  • Instructors: Ensure trainers have substantial experience in the industry.
  • Hands-on Training: Opt for courses that offer practical training for real-world experience. In person is best but not always an option. So look for a company that will evaluate your work virtually. 

Selecting the best spray tanning education company involves:

  • Reputation: Look for companies with a strong reputation in the industry.
  • Course Variety: Ensure they offer courses catering to different skill levels.
  • Support: Check if they provide post-course support, like business advice or product discounts.
  • Updated Curriculum: The beauty industry evolves; ensure the company updates its courses regularly.
  • Value for Money: While cost shouldn’t be the only factor, ensure you’re getting good value for your investment.


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