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 Our Teeth Whitening  Certification course can certify you in less than 2 hours! 

Not a professional in the dental field? No problem! Designed for non-dental professionals by industry pros with over 10 years experience.

Get Teeth Whitening Certified in less than 2 hours! 

Too Good To Be True?

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Nope! We know how hard and scary it is to start a business in a new field.  Just like you we started from scratch. But, we didn’t have anyone that helped us avoid mistakes that cost us time and money.

Begin earning money  on a service that everyone wants, Teeth Whitening. Our course is mobile friendly and designed for your modern busy life. The easy to use educational software walks you step by step through everything you need to know. 

You've come to the right place

You’ve done research but many online courses...

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Are overpriced and unclear.  It can be confusing to chose the right one.  We’ve seen some really sketchy offering out there ranging from $0-$999. Sometimes you don’t get what you paid for. Many courses were designed by companies trying to sell overpriced equipment and offer very limited content. And those “free” courses are offered by those without experience actually performing teeth whitening services in their own business! 

Our options include only what you MUST have and we don’t include or overcharge you for things you don’t need. The course was designed to get your business off the ground from day one by people who are actually in the field! 

Introducing bronzedberry's


Get started providing this valuable service to your clients. You’ll not only learn how to market and offer this service, but also receive the information you need to follow the proper procedures while being a part of a growing trend that’s in high demand.

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The Curriculum

What You'll Learn in This Online Course

Our online Teeth Whitening Certification course is designed to teach best practices in order to be in compliant with regulations. You’ll learn two teeth whitening techniques:  Using a LED Teeth Whitening Lamp & Mini-LED Individual Light (comes in kits). A printable Certificate is available for download immediately.

Module 1

Teeth Whitening Basics

Let’s start at the beginning and build a foundation of industry fundamentals that all professionals need to know. 

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Module 2

Services & Making Money

Set your business up the right way, from the beginning. Learn pricing strategies, how to get proper consent and more. 

Module 3

How To Provide Service

Video tutorials will show you what to say and how to say it to clients for optimal client satisfaction and best results. 

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Plus, You'll also get

You'll Have Access To

continuing education

Lifetime access to online course that’s updated regularly to adjust to industry best practices. 

Facebook group

Private Facebeook group for BronzedBerry professionals. Free advice and community support.

Printalbes & Checklists

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"Earned My Money Back Quickly"

I really admire the fact that BronzedBerry takes this course one step further by offering the option or retailing the kits and providing a stand alone service. I received in depth education on providing this specialized service. It’s been incredibly easy to earn the cost of the class back. I’m so glad I made the decision to get certified! My clients love the results and level of care they receive from this one-on-one service.


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FAQs : Starting A Teeth Whitening Business

You've got questions? We have answers!

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For dental professionals the easy answer is YES! For non-dental professionals the answer is “most likely”.

In the USA it depends on the state, wether you want to go mobile or have a physical studio/spa. It also depends on how you offer the service.* If you’re unsure, check out our Teeth Whitening Business School to get the full lowdown and start your business off the right way! 


Supreme Court Rules In Teeth Whitening Biz Favor

Teeth Whitening Battle

*We do not offer legal advice. It is the responsibility of the the business owner/technician to research the legality of their  service offerings.

Each company is different but anyone selling an online training course should provide you with at least the following: 

  • Education software that’s mobile friendly so you can do your training anywhere, anytime. 
  • Video and text explanations. Not just a .pdf document for you to follow. 
  • Industry experience in the field as well as technical experience in training and certification processes.

The average start up cost for a micro-business in the us is between $3-$8K. A teeth mobile or service based whitening business can cost less than $1500! The most cost effective way is having a simple business plan, getting the right equipment and proper training without breaking the bank. Look for training that provides more than an “how to offer teeth whitening”. Find a company that offers business training and advice as well. 

We might be biased but we think we do, of course. We’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get their certification. But, we don’t stop there. We offer continuing education and free updates! We answer real specialists questions on the phone everyday…yes, we’re real people. We train, equip and empower. Our wholesale Teeth Whitening Membership provides 50% off kits and gel. 

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