Why tanner makes you smell:

Why do my armpits smell when I get use self tannner/spray tan?

Stinky spray tans are perhaps the most common complaint from new clients who have had spray tans done previously at a different salon. I have heard it all at least once during my 10+ years of offering professional spray tans. However, stinky or smelly spray tans are a recurring theme.

Many people don’t realize that there is actually a scientific reason that we get smelly spray tans. It’s usually not related to the tanning solution itself, but rather a person’s body reacting to the process of spray tanning. DHA is the active ingredient in all tanning products that causes your skin to change color. DHA changes your skin color due to a pH reaction happening in your skin, this causes a pH imbalance/disruption everywhere solution was applied. Surprisingly, this PH imbalance releases a smell resulting in the dreaded spray tan smell, commonly known to non-spray tanners as body odor.

Our bodies naturally create a variety of odors relative to the issue it’s currently dealing with. Many of us encounter and fight these issues daily. For example, most of us are currently using a pH-balancing deodorant to help combat common body odors.

The Science

Spray tanning solutions come in a variety of colors and smells. The actual smell of the solution does not affect your pH, usually you are smelling a mixture of DHA and other natural or artificial fragrances (BronzedBerry only uses CLEAN and NATURAL ingredients in our solutions). However, the ingredients in spray tan solutions and the process of your skin becoming tan via DHA alters your pH and releases odorBAM you stink.

The stink can last for a short while or days depending on the individual. Everyone has a unique body chemistry that effects how they will smell after tanning. This happens to people who UV tan as well. I tell clients all the time, if they smelled/stunk while UV tanning, then they have a high probability of a stinky spray tan too.

For more science’y’ info on pH balance and alkalinity, check out this article on Bevel.

Don't Worry! There is a Solution

Avoid The Tan Smell

Avoid the dreaded “tanner smell” by applying our pH Tonic directly to your skin prior to tanning! It can be easily applied via a spray gun or at home with a continuous spray bottle. Check out our how to videos here

Ever heard of toner? Like the one you use after cleansing your face. Do you know what it does? You guessed it, toners help balance your skin’s pH levels. They’re not only for your face; a toner can and should be applied to your whole body prior to a spray tan. This helps avoid the dreaded stinky spray tan smell.

WAIT! Don’t confuse a toner with an astringent like the Sea Breeze we all used in high school. Not all toners are built equally. Astringents tend to dry the skin out, while toner helps combat oil and keeps your skin matte throughout the day. Its biggest use for us? Toner neutralizes the pH of your skin. Also, Women’s Health provides some helpful tips, click here.

For spray tanning, toner creates the perfect canvas for absorbing tanning solution ingredients effectively and evenly. Toner is how you can ensure your clients will be getting the most comfortable studio tan experience and set your business above the rest. Now clients don’t have to sacrifice their good smell for a nice tan, now clients can have both!

BronzedBerry trained artists use our pH Tonic with every Signature Glow.

Oh, yeah and you’ll stink less.

Helpful Tips

PRO TIP: Make sure that your clients know that wearing underarm deodorant is “NO NO” before a spray tan!!

PRO Tip: Our pH Tonic can be applied to clients entire body with your spray tan gun and machine. Apply pH Tonic prior to applying tanning solution to your client’s skin to provide the perfect canvas for your upgraded services.

DIY TIP:  Our Toning Tonic can be spritzed all over the areas to be tanned. We recommend professionals applying with a spray gun. Anyone using this at home we recommend spraying with a continuous spray bottle or rubbing it in with a dry wash cloth/tanning mitt for optimal results.

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