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Valentine’s Day Skin Prep

valentines day skin prep guide Bronzedberry

Valentine's Day Skin Prep Guide!

glow and go sunless tanning kit

Valentine’s Day Skin Prep is key to feeling your best this holiday. However, trying to find good tips can be tough. Luckily, we compiled our tried and true methods of achieving flawless date night skin. We hope you enjoy and find our guide helpful! Keep reading to learn more!


The winter is dreadful on our skin! For example, common winter skin complaints include unevenness, patchiness, dryness, and itchiness. Yikes! Removing the top layer of your skin is called exfoliation, sloughing, or what we like to joking refer to as ‘epidermis removous’.

But, whatever you call it, we all know that this needs to be removed because you can’t “fix” or “cure” the skin…it’s already dead folks. Simply, the only thing that’s truly going to make a difference is to remove it.

So, how do we do that? Many people DIY there own sugar or salt scrub, which almost always includes an oil of some kind. However, here’s the thing, should you really be mixing and trying a new combination of ingredients on your skin prior to an event? Also, the same goes for the ones you buy in the store, many of those are full of ingredients you can even say…go ahead we dare you to try!

Avoid the hassle, use the Glove that is designed to be used in your shower or bath over and over again. Typically, the Glove lasts 6 months and can be washed with your laundry (avoid the dryer).

So, when you are ready for glowing, radiant skin, put on the Glove.


“No matter what, everyone looks good with a BronzedBerry tan“, according to makeup artist Lindsay Shields. We couldn’t agree more! Loving the skin you’re in is our jam.

All of our tanning products are made in the USA, using European approved ingredients (bc EU has higher toxicity standards than the USA). We make our tanning solutions, tanning cream and spray tan products in small batches using only natural preservatives and pure essential oils for fragrances.

Whether you see an Artist before Valentine’s Day or you give your self a pep in your step with one of our self-tanning products, we guarantee you’ll love it (see our amazing return policy).

Nervous about a DIY tan? Don’t be, baby steps…try Extend. It’s a colorless cream that smells like coconut (infused with Hawaiian monoi de tahini oil). Moreover, results show up in as little as 8 hours and can be applied like regular lotion.


No rocket science here, one of the first steps to radient skin is hydration. Further, your skin is the largest pore on your body, water it well. Also, did you realize that dehydrated skin accentuates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Ugh, no woman wants that.

Contributing Factors:

  • Low humidity ( like in winter bc of running the furnace)
  • Not Drinking Enough Water
  • Trans Epidermal Water Loss ( your natural moisture leaving your skin)

Avoid this by drinking plenty of water and using quality moisturizers. Further, the best moisturizers contain an occlusive agent, humectant, and emmioliant.* Add a few drops of our Replenish Serum to your routine and begin seeing almost immediate improvements in the appearance of your skin.

*According to Dr. Hunt, Women’s Health Mag


Your smile is the first thing people notice about you!*

Brighten Your Smile Without Pain

We have not left that out of our bag of tricks, this is an annual ‘Must Do’ for every woman. Also, might we suggest men too?

Brighten it up easily, without the pain in as little as one hour…at home! Moreover, we tested the most common whitening systems on the market and compared them, see the result here.

Really, a nice natural white smile is one of the easiest and fastest ways to melt years off your appearance.

*According to

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