Rub It On!

Get Your Kids In On The Action

Sunscreen is your best line of defense when you are out in sun! If you wear it and use it everyday, so will they!

This video was produced by 2 boys who lost a love one to skin cancer.

Don’t Burn the Man in Your Life

Don’t  BURN The Man In Your Life

Share this video with the man in your life.

But, if your Man is like most, they’ll need your help in protecting themselves.

Prevention: Don’t get tanned or burned…even once!

  • Sunscreen – Wear it and apply every two hours
  • Clothes – UV resistant clothing optimal when exposed for long time periods.
  • Sunglasses – Helps prevent eye cancer
  • Hats – No one puts sunscreen on their head. Many men get skin cancer on ears, scalp and nose. Help them out, buy them a cool hat!


  • Annual Dermatologist Appointment – At least once a year.
  • Mole Mapping – Have Dr. count and measure moles, year over year they’ll measure and monitor them for change. If something is amiss they’ll get it!  has helpful, tips, guides and list of derms in your area. Be Sun Smart!

Most Common Skin Cancer = Deadliest

In the age group of 15-29 the most common skin cancer is Melanoma, which is also the deadliest. Beyond being deadly, it also metastasizes and comes back frequently in patients, ending up costing them their life.

More often than not, this can be prevented, in young women. One simple act can save lives.


It’s just that simple. Faux glow is all the rage and available in every town, super market and online. Educated your loved ones. Keep them alive. Yes, it can happen to you.