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Kill Your Spray Tan Business

Are you struggling to make your spray tanning or beauty business successful?

*Updated 2023

Learn how to avoid these 4 common mistakes that can kill your business and get a free worksheet to fix them.

Discover how to boost your self-confidence, put in the necessary work, create a business plan, and offer new services to increase profits. As a spray tanning business owner, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques to succeed. Don’t let these challenges stop you from achieving your goals – start taking action today!

Biz Killer 1: Pride

Not asking for the sale. You don’t ask for the sale and you’re not putting your business ‘ out there’ in your local market (local listings, flyers, strategic partners, salons etc). Mostly this comes from a lack of self-confidence in your business. Many new business owners believe in what they’re offering but  don’t believe it sounds “good enough”. You have something valuable to offer, but no one will ever experience it if you don’t step outside your comfort zone and market your business. 

Biz Killer 2: Laziness

Chance are if you’ve started your own business, you’re probably not a lazy person. But…

Successful beauty business owners put a mimimim of 10 hours per week into the “boring” and unsexy side of their businesses. From lead generation, review building, accounting and email marketing (to name a few) are just some of the tasks that need to be prioritized weekly. 

Don’t complain your business is failing or you’re not making  profit if you’re spending less then 10 hours per week building and maintaining it! 

Biz Killer 3: Just Winging It

Your business deserves a strategy and plan.

Many failing beauty businesses have one thing in common…NO BUSINESS PLAN.

If you want to earn real income then don’t treat it like a hobby. 

Know your costs, profit margin and ideal customer. There are many free resources online that can help you create a business plan. We provide one free with our Tanning Artist Certification program. Learn more about that, click here

Biz Killer 4: Stagnate Skills

Same Old TUNE – When was the last time you learned a new technique? Or added a new feature to your offerings?

If your technique has not changed, or are not offering new services (contouring, custom blending or teeth whitening) then  you might be leaving money on the table.

Continuing education keeps you up to date but also ignites an authentic passion that will be hard to ignore. BronzedBerry offers a wholesale membership club that provided continuing education, free webinars and wholesale pricing for beauty professionals. Find out more, click here

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