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3 Sunless Tanning Tips

3 sunless tanning tips blog

Want the perfect fake tan? Use these 3 sunless tanning tips from a professional tanning artist.


Exfoliate! Do not use a sugar or salt scrub, this can create actual tiny abrasions and irritations. Instead use a wash cloth. But if you’re looking for the ultimate in exfoliation, try our reusable Glove (5 star reviews and seriously the best beauty value under $15). Don’t use oils or lotions prior to tanning, they act as a barrier.


Don’t stress, you can apply sunless tanning creams and lotions at home and still get amazing results.

First start with a quality product and make certain to rub it in completely using a tanning mitt. These mitts ensure that you get a streak free glow.  

Regardless of brand or product…wash your hands after application. 

Our Extend lotion is ultra concentrated, tans you in one application and goes on clear! 

Development Time

3 sunless tanning tips blog

If you want to look natural and avoid being orange then FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS on the label of your product. If it says shower off in 4 hours, then don’t shower off in 8!!

The ingredient in all sunless tanners is DHA and it, by it’s nature will continue to develop up to 24 hours. The ways to stop or halt development is to wash it off. The longer you leave it on, the more it will develop. This doesn’t mean you’ll get “browner” it could mean that you’ll just get orange.

Bonus Pro Tip: Depending on the concentration of the DHA will help you determine how long to leave it on. Client above had 10% solution on fair skin and left it on 12 hours. Start with 8 hours and go from there. These 3 sunless tanning tips, if followed, should help you get a natural looking fake tan, every time.

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