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Welcome to your new bestie. This wireless, USB rechargeable system is perfect for spraying anywhere!

Kit Includes:

Micro Wireless Spray Tan Machine

Clear Tanning Solution – Refill Pack

  • Applicator Mitt

Fill with warm water, run it clearly through machine.

Empty and fill with Clear tanning solution. Stand in shower or on a towel to prevent slipping.

Turn on and follow steps in video.

When done pour solution back into pouch and close.

Fill with warm water and run through sprayer to clear the nozzle.

Empty canister and let machine air dry.

Our 10% Clear tanning solution eliminates the stickiness, smell and mess of traditional tanning solution. Go on clear, dries in 5 minutes and is pure magic.

Watch your color develop in as little as 5 hours. Do not get wet, water, including washing your hands will take the solution off and can create discoloration. It needs to develop properly. 

Light – Medium Result: Use 1-2oz. Can be washed off between 6-10 hours.

Medium – Dark Result: Use 1-2oz.  Can wash off between 10-15 hours

Dark Result – Use 2 ounces and should be left on up to 24 hours. 

Proper suction is required in order for water/solution to spray from the nozzle.

If the machine is on but no liquid is coming out try these tips.

❶ Use warm water and fill canister to a minimum of 60mL

❷ Turn machine on and let it “prime”, leave running for up to 90 seconds. Turn off as soon as liquid begins to spray. 

❸ If no spray comes out after unit has been on continuously for 90 seconds, then give it a couple little shakes while still on.  Place on counter again and wait another 90 seconds.

Repeat up to 3 times. If that does not produce an even stream please email us and we can set up a Zoom call to troubleshoot virtually or provide resources. 


This should push the air out of the tube and draw the liquid into the pick up tube and regulate the pressure inside the machine. 

Once liquid is spraying continuously turn off unit. Dump water and fill with solution to a minimum of 60 mL’s. Turn back on and begin spraying. 

DO NOT FORGET: After each session, pour solution back into container and rinse out canister. Follow our cleaning instructions to ensure no obstructions and clogs form inside your gun. 

PRO TIP: Clear tanning solution will continue to develop even after it’s been washed off. When you have achieved a natural looking tan that fits your needs, shower solution off. Leaving solution on longer can make you darker but it can also make you ORANGE. First timers should never leave any sunless product on their skin for more than 10 hours. 



This tutorial will teach you about how to use, clean and store your Faux Pro.

It’s broken down into sections: Here’s A Cheat Sheet 0:22

Before You Spray 0:37

How To Mix & Pour Solution Into Canister 1:22

How To Spray Your Skin 1:46

How To Use Mitt To Rub Tan Into Skin 2:22

How Long To Wait Before Getting Dressed 2:58

How Long To Leave On/When Will I See Results 3:02

How Long To Leave On/When Will I See Results 3:02

Clean & Pack It Away 3:35


Learn how to get an even and perfect glow every time. 


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