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Customize Your Tan for Winter!

You can glow all year long!

Customize your Winter tan! Whether you are the type of person who wants to lighten their tan for the Fall and Winter, or you are the type to want to keep rocking your deep Summer faux glow all year long, we have your back!


At BronzedBerry, we pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with a fully CUSTOMIZABLE spray tan. Our clients have several options for lightening up their tans in our studio and beyond! 

Make sure to read below to learn how to customize and perfect your Fall and Winter tans, so you can feel radiant all year long! 

Note: Many of these options can be used together to create the perfect results for each individual client!

In-Studio Solutions

In-Studio Options:

Option 1: Development TimeOne of the simplest ways to customize your tan is simply to wash it off earlier! When we recommend times to our clients we take into consideration your specific goals with your faux glow. When you come in to be sprayed and want to change the color of your tan, just explain your goals to one of our talented artists and they will recommend a new time, or other solution. 

Option 2: Light Spray.

If time does not permit you to shower earlier for whatever reason, don’t worry! Your artist can customize how much solution goes on your body. This lighter coat will result in a lighter tan, even if left on for the full development time of 8-10 hours. Of course, if your goal is a very subtle tan, we can do a light coat AND you can leave it on for a shorter amount of time. We love to work with our clients and figure out the best way to customize to give you your desired outcome. 

Option 3: Clear Solution.

If you are afraid of being too tan, using our Clear tanning solution could be a good alternative to our Classic solution, which contains bronzer that you darken under before showering. While the bronzer is great to give clients an instant glow leaving the studio, it can also prevent you from seeing the development of your tan in real time. Our Clear solution contains no makeup, allowing clients to watch their tans develop in real time. This gives clients more control over how dark they get as they can shower as soon as they are at their desired shade! 

At-Home Solutions:

At Home Solutions: 

Option 4: Faux Pro.

The Faux Pro is the perfect solution for those wishing to customize their tans at home OR to extend their studio tans. This wireless airbrush gun is the first of its kind and it allows you to get studio results at home! It uses our Clear solution, giving you control over your color and it is easy to use! This is a great option for holiday traveling! 

Option 5: Extend/Face or Bombshell Serum mixed with Lotion (Self Application).

Extend is a great way to build a tan at home! Our tanning lotion can be applied with a tanning mitt or by hand like any standard lotion. Extend can also be mixed with your daily lotion to create a more subtle tanning effect. For your face, you can use our anti-aging Face tanning cream. This face tanner nourishes your skin as it tans you. It can also be mixed with a facial lotion for a more subtle effect. Always remember to wash your hands after application! 

Mixing our Bombshell serum with your favorite lotion is a perfect way to make a custom tanning lotion at home! Mix a few drops according the label instructions to make the lotion your preferred strength. Apply like you normally would apply your regular daily lotion. Make sure to wash your hands after each application!

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