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Hilarious Spray Tan Tent FAIL

Pop up spray tan tents are very popular, but they can be a little tricky to set up. Everyone thinks it’s easy to set up a spray tanning tent, until they’ve tried it themselves.  Improper Spray Tan Tent Technique In all seriousness, there is an easy way to set up your spray tan tent. Watch and learn from 12…

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Don’t Burn the Man in Your Life

Don’t  BURN The Man In Your Life Share this video with the man in your life. But, if your Man is like most, they’ll need your help in protecting themselves. Prevention: Don’t get tanned or burned…even once! Sunscreen – Wear it and apply every two hours Clothes – UV resistant clothing optimal when exposed for long time periods. Sunglasses –…

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Death by Tanning Bed

Think this won’t happen to you…think again! ONE Tanning Bed Visit = 20% increase in skin cancer risk! Watch the video to learn more about the dangers of the tanning bed! BronzedBerry wants you to be informed! Consider changing your tanning bed routine to a spray tan routine. []

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Most Common Skin Cancer = Deadliest

Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer! The most common skin cancer is the deadliest!​ Did you know, between the ages of 15-29, the most common type of skin cancer is Melanoma? Melanoma is also the deadliest skin cancer. Moreover, beyond Melanoma being deadly, it metastasizes and comes back frequently in patients. Simply, Melanoma costs patients more than treatments, it can cost them their…

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Not Just Skin Cancer

Not just skin cancer! #notjustskincancer. It is time to understand. Watch the video to learn more. BronzedBerry wants to keep you and your loved ones safe from preventable illnesses! #NotJustSkinCancer When will we get it? Skin cancer can kill you or a loved one. It’s nothing to joke about. For further reading, see the American Cancer Society’s article on…

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Post Spray Tan Workout

You can workout with a spray tan!: Get the best of both worlds! Be buff and glowing! Use this work out routine whenever you need to exercise but can’t afford to sweat off that fresh tan. The fabulous fit and tan Lisa Reed from LRF (Lisa Reed Fitness) has created a 5 minute workout video exclusively for BronzedBerry!! She is…

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Airbrush Tanning: Safe, Healthy, and Natural

Check out the video of The Doctors t.v. show letting us in on some new Beverly Hills style anit-aging spray tanning. Stop Indoor Tanning! Airbrush tanning: Safe, healthy, and natural. Having a bronzed body doesn’t mean you have to risk sun damage, and even cancer! UV tanning can cause long term and sometimes fatal health consequences. Its not worth it!…

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