Check out the video of The Doctors t.v. show letting us in on some new Beverly Hills style anit-aging spray tanning.

Stop Indoor Tanning!

Airbrush tanning: Safe, healthy, and natural. Having a bronzed body doesn’t mean you have to risk sun damage, and even cancer! UV tanning can cause long term and sometimes fatal health consequences. Its not worth it! Read here for more information on the dangers of UV tanning. Also, read here to read the FDA warning on indoor tanning. 

Unlike UV tanning or indoor tanning, spray tans can give you the gorgeous glow you want while protecting and moisturizing your beautiful skin. At BronzedBerry, we are committed to only offering safe, healthy, gentle, and anti aging products and tans. We take our client’s health very seriously. For a list of our ingredients, click here

Airbrush Spray Tans to the Rescue:

Many of us, including myself, will not negotiate on having a beautiful tan. Many people who still tan in the sun or UV bed believe spray tans are still what they used to be. They remember spray tans smelling bad, making a mess, all to turn out orange or too dark. Now, spray tans can look natural, glowy, and beautiful on anyone! Our solutions attack smell and mess. We have the perfect option for you, no matter what your needs are! 

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