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Introducing our revolutionary Tanning Drops, the ultimate fusion of skincare and tanning! Crafted with precision, these drops boast a remarkable 48% DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) content, ensuring a stunning, sun-kissed glow that’s perfect for women who prioritize the quality of ingredients for their precious skin.

At the heart of our formula lies the powerful 1% Hyaluronic Acid, delivering unparalleled hydration without any sticky residue. Say goodbye to dry, lackluster skin and embrace the radiance of well-nourished, sunlit beauty.

Versatility is the cornerstone of our Tanning Drops, designed to cater to both your face and body needs. Gentle enough for your delicate facial skin, yet effective enough to illuminate your entire body, these drops bring a unified glow to your entire presence.

Ideal for both self tanning at home and spray tan professionals, our Tanning Drops offer a flexible solution to customize the perfect tan for your unique preferences. Professionals can elevate their existing tanning solutions, creating bespoke shades for clients seeking that extra touch of allure.

For retail clients, the possibilities are endless! Simply blend these drops with your preferred body and face creams to effortlessly enhance your natural beauty with a sun-kissed luminosity. Embrace a low-maintenance routine while reveling in a gorgeous glow that’ll turn heads wherever you go.

Self Tanning Guide: Check out our instructional tutorial video (click here). For the face, take a couple drops (3-4) mix in with existing daily face lotion. Rub in completely, wash hands. No need to rinse. Magically your tan will appear. If you use retinols at night you may have to use this more frequently and we recommend applying it opposite of retinols.

Professional Usage Instruction/Guide: For every 2oz of tanning solution add 32 drops. This will take an 8% solution to a 10% and so forth. Adjust shower time for client accordingly (See training videos that came with your course).

Choose a product that aligns with your values – our Tanning Drops are thoughtfully crafted with premium ingredients, perfect for women who care deeply about what goes onto their skin. Embrace the harmony of skincare and tanning, and unlock a new level of confidence.

Don’t settle for anything less than radiant skin with our Tanning Drops. Indulge in a luxurious experience that elevates your beauty and leaves you feeling empowered. It’s time to bask in the sun’s embrace, beautifully.

3 reviews for Tanning Drops

  1. Emily Burkholder (verified owner)

    I love how this product lets me customize my clients tan. I can use this in any solution to adjust it to the color my clients desire. It is particularly awesome in the Clear solution, allowing my clients to have a darker tan without the makeup that is in other solutions.

  2. Jackie DeChellis

    Being an Artist in Ohio we get odd weather , many clients love being tan and these drops are a tan saver. They will help any one achieve extra color no matter where you live or go. Even my darker ladies rave the wonders these excelerate for them to reach their happy color

  3. Hailey Temple

    I love using bb drops to help create a customized color for a client. Even just a shade darker makes a huge difference!

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