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Advice: Best Spray Tan For Vacation

Many first time sunless tanners seek out a spray tan before they go on vacation.

The problem? They don’t know what to ask for, or how to plan. Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered with the best way to plan for and keep a spray tan looking great for vacation. 

When Should I Book My Vacation Spray Tan?

New to spray tanning? Then it’s best to get a trial tan about 2 weeks before vacation. 

Spray tans work with your bodies chemistry and the tanning solution to create a faux glow. It’s impossible for the tanning artist to predict exactly how your bodies chemistry will work with the solution. Our experience and knowledge gives us a “good guess” but ultimately your body will determine the results. Once your artist has tanned you at least once, they can adjust the protocol to provide the exact desired outcomes. So, bottom line, if you’re nervous about the end result. Get a trial. 

How far in advance of my vacation should I book my spray tan appointment.  

Great question! Two days prior if you’re nervous about the result. This gives you and your artist a day before your event to fix any issues. Otherwise, if you and your artist have your formula down pat…then book as close to your vacation as possible.

Why? Because a spray tan only lasts as long as your skin in our body. Therefore, to keep your tan looking great for as long as possible get your tan as close to departure date as you can. 

How To Care For Sunless Tan On Vacation

Sunscreen: Least resistance as possible! Spray sunscreens are terrific because you’ll avoid rubbing your skin unnecessarily. However, be careful, many spray sunscreens can be filled with nasty chemicals that could affect your health. So read the labels and do your research!

After application remember to wait at least 20 minutes before getting wet to let the sunscreen fully absorb.

Pat Dry: Air dry or pat yourself dry after getting out of water to avoid removing your tan with your towel. Remember, we’re trying to baby that top layer of skin to keep your tan looking fresh.   

Pools/Spas: Keep in mind that chlorine, salt and hot water can fade your tan. So limiting this can help keep your tan lasting longer.  But what fun is that? Enjoy your vacation, use our tips below to add some sunless back into your life and keep your tan for even longer. 

How To: Extend The Life Of Your Tan

Our natural sunless products were designed for real women and easy to use.

By applying sunless products in the evening, the magic of revitalizing your sunless glow is happening while you sleep!

Our mess free formulas have no artificial dyes, perfumes or bronzers. Just apply, let it do your thing and go to sleep. Wake up with a gorgeous glow!

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