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Clear natural tanning solution eliminates the stickiness, smell and mess of traditional tanning solution. The caramel has been removed to eliminate the reasons clients shower early. It provides clients with the longest lasting tan! Don’t be fooled by it’s name, this can get clients DARK. Did you know that the longer tan solutions is left to develop on skin, the longer a tan will last? By reducing the “yuckiness” of traditional solutions client can be tanned and head back to work, or out on the town. It can be left on 24 hours without the need to change sheets or towels.

Light – Medium Result – Use 2 ounces and client can wash off between 8-10 hours

Medium – Dark Result – Use 2 ounces and client can wash off between 10-15 hours

Dark Result – Use 2 ounces and should be left on 24 hours.

No mess, no smell and no fuss. Clients will rave about the feel and smell of this solution. Because of how easy it is to wear clients will keep in their skin longer and achieve a longer lasting result.

*Only One Sample Of Each Product May Be Purchased PER Customer.  Any additional quantities will refunded and only one will be shipped. 

11 reviews for Clear Tanning Solution

  1. Amie Burkholder

    I’m obsessed with this solution! I can get sprayed in am, leave on all day with no stickiness. Once I wakeup in am I have a perfect golden glow and best of all becuase it has zero makeup in it I don’t have to change my sheets or towels.

  2. Emily Burkholder (verified owner)

    This product is an absolute must. My clients absolutely love it. It goes on beautifully, allowing them to keep up with their busy schedules while still tanning. I love it not only for my clients, but also myself, as I have sensitive skin. With the green tea extract and no added makeup it allows my sensitive skin to tan and get a gorgeous glow without any issues.

  3. Nichole George (verified owner)

    I love the Clear solution and how it can even be custom blended to achieve the most amazing color!

  4. Laurie (verified owner)

    BB’s new clear solution has been such a blessing. With this you are able to get sprayed and within 5 minutes get dressed and walk out the door with no bronzer smell or stickiness PLUS skin feels smooth and soft for you to continue to tackle the rest of the day’s errands. Beautiful color.

  5. Carmen Betzold

    I love this solution!!! I love the way it feels on my skin, so soft and even. I love the smell of it and the green tea extract. It looks wonderful on my lighter skin and gives such a natural glow to my clients. I love to mix it with Classic as well to give a slightly darker appearance. Overall my favorite! Thank you BronzedBerry for making such a wonderful solution!

  6. Jen Bruning

    This odorless clear solution is amazing! I sprayed myself in the morning and by mid afternoon the color slowly started to develop. The best part about it is I was able to run errands without having a sticky feel to my skin.

  7. Melanie Morris

    When I first got my Clear solution I needed to advertise it….what better way than to have a before and after….I let my model tan for free in exchange for her before and after pictures….she loved her tan and I have had several people ask to use the Clear!!!

  8. Jordan Ward

    This is my favorite solution! As a pale girl finding a spray tan that isn’t too much is sometimes hard to do, CLEAR is the perfect solution!

    I love that I can get a tan when I’m in a time crunch and I don’t have to worry about makeup showing on my skin!

    I’ve worn this for 24hrs before rinsing and my tan was beautiful!

  9. Mary Prather

    All of BronzedBerry’s solutions are amazing and produce the best results ever…but the Clear solution takes the cake by far. It’s so comfortable to wear that you can just go about your day while your tan is developing. You know it’s amazing when you forget that the solution is on while it’s still developing! And that’s what I love about it.

  10. Jayden

    I get requests for the clear solution more than any other by my clients! They love it because they can go on with their day after getting tanned and then end up with a natural looking glow!

  11. Caitlin Anderson

    I loved my experience with Amie and this tan! If you are concerned about being orange, unnatural looking, streaky, or too dark… don’t! I had the tan the night before a military ball and by the time I showered the next day, I looked like I had just spent the past 2 days poolside but without any tan lines. I received so many compliments and those who were interested in having a spray tan but were unsure of becoming orange were surprised and convinced that you could look naturally sun kissed without damaging your skin. I would recommend this product and service to anyone!!

  12. Melisa Kennedy

    Absolutely best tan I’ve ever had. It didn’t leave me sticky and I was able to watch it develop in real time so I could shower once I achieved my desired color! Flawless!

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