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Introducing the Faux Pro: the ultimate solution to achieve a gorgeous, natural-looking tan from the comfort of your own home (at-home mini spray tan machine)!

Achieve professional results anywhere!  With this mini spray tan machine, you can achieve a perfect, streak-free tan in less than 5 minutes without ever leaving your house.

The wireless design allows for maximum flexibility and convenience, making it easy to use anywhere in your home without being tethered to an outlet. Additionally, the compact size makes it easy to store and take with you on-the-go.

Not only is this mini spray tan machine easy to use, but it also produces flawless results when combined with our Clear tanning solution and bronzing mitt (all included)! Customize the level of tan you want. Achieve your spray tan goals! Whether you want a subtle glow or a deep, dark bronze, you can get the tan of your dreams!

Plus, the precision control and blending process ensures that you can target hard-to-reach areas and avoid any unsightly streaks or blotches.

Also, the machine is easy to clean and maintain. The Faux Pro comes with a removable solution cup and easy-to-clean nozzle.

So why wait? Achieve a beautiful, natural-looking tan in the comfort of your own home with the wireless at-home mini spray tan machine!

Kit Includes:

  • Personal USB Rechargeable Portable Spray Tan Machine
  • Clear Tanning Solution – Refill Pack
  • Applicator Mitt

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3 reviews for Faux Pro Self Tanning System

  1. Katie D.

    The Faux Pro tanning system is a phenomenal quick at home or on the Go self tanning system. As a master certified spray tanning artist I find myself grabbing this system often to keep up my own color because I don’t have to use a tent, I can quickly tan myself, and don’t have to rinse off the product. The clear solution provides a smell free- mess free- tanning experience with a beautiful glow in just a few hours. The cordless feature is really great for maneuverability and versatility. I can tan in my bathroom, bedroom, or anywhere that I need to. Since it is small, it is easily packed in a suitcase for a vacation to keep my tan looking fresh for the duration of my trip.

    I appreciare that the machine is rather quiet too , if I tan at night or early morning I’m not waking anyone as I would if I was using my loud pro system. With just 1 button the system is pretty error proof. The packaging it comes in is very attractive and compact, requiring little room for storage.

    At an affordable price point and option for monthly refill packs, you can’t go wrong with the FauxPro system. Highly recommend!

  2. Ali woodman

    This machine quickly became my go to method of self tanning for a few reasons: it’s clear so I can be forgetful and wait for the last minute, it’s packable (I’ve taken mine to hawaii, Vegas and a wedding), and my number one reason- I don’t need any help to get an even tan.

  3. Rebecca Church

    I am so obsessed with my faux pro! This is the only self tanning system I have found that offers seamless, fool-proof, stunning results. It’s extremely user-friendly and was perfect for travel as well! I highly recommend the faux pro.

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