Faux Pro Self Tanning Machine

Get professional streak-free tanning results at home with the Faux Pro! The ultra fine mist with 360 degree spray angle and wireless design is perfect for at home or when traveling. This kit includes clear solution and a velvety blending mitt that gets you tanned less than 5 minutes! Create the tan of your dreams at home.



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I am so obsessed with my faux pro! This is the only self tanning system I have found that offers seamless, fool-proof, stunning results. It’s extremely user-friendly and was perfect for travel ~Rebecca Church ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Product Details

Achieve Professional Spray Tans Results At Home

Do it yourself at home with the first ever wireless spray tan kit! Your kit comes with everything you need to tan yourself and your besties. The super fine mist and wireless sprayer allows for controlled application anywhere in your home!

Perfect for face, legs, and your whole body, for about $3 per tan!

No Mess, no rinse. Spray in the morning and be tan by happy hour.

Easy to use – comes with How To Video’s

Avoid stinky smelly tans – our solution is made with skincare quality ingredients that don’t stink.

Ditch the smelly creams and foams, our clear solution isn’t sticky or messy!

Money back guarantee – return your product and get your money back.

Achieve a smooth, streak-free tan every time with our  combined ultra-fine mist technology machine, soft blending mitt and hydrating clear tanning solution. Whether you’re targeting your legs, arms, face, or entire body, the at home spray tanning machine’s precision control ensures you cover every inch to perfection.

Check out more videos and training tutorials: Click Here

Kit Contents

At Home Spray Tanning Kit Includes:

Personal USB Rechargeable Portable Personal Spray Tan Machine
Clear Tanning Solution – Refill Pack
Applicator Mitt
How-To Video Guide

How To Use

Turn on Faux Pro and mist solution evenly on skin, hold about 6 inches away while spraying. Turn off the machine and use the blending Mitt (provided) to rub solution into skin ensuring an even application every time.

Check out our tutorial series,  Click Here


  • Streak Free: Kit includes a mitt, spray, rub and get dressed for a streak free glow in minutes! We’ve made training videos for you too, click here.
  • No Mess: Our Dye free solutions go on clear and is easy to clean up. Never stains!
  • Will I Stink: Our solution is made with quality skin care ingredients with your pH in mind. We avoid artificial fragrances and instead opt for natural ingredients that work with your body to create your glow. Our solution is the LEAST smelly on the market.
  • When To Shower: Clear solutions works with your body’s chemistry to create a beautiful glow. Can be washed off in as little as 6 hours or leave on up to 24 hours for for a deeper glow.
  • How To Shower: Shower using a hydrating body wash and your hands. Avoid scrubby’s and exfoliating.
  • How Long Does It Last: Fake tans can only last as long as the top layer of skin is on your body, between 5-7 days.
  • When To Get Dressed: You’ll be ready to get dressed in as little as 5 minutes!!
  •  Will I be Sticky: Because the solution is clear and free from dyes and artificial colors, it’s not as sticky as traditional solutions. It feels more like all over body lotion. We also make a drying powder for those looking to level up their experience.
  • Machine is Wireless & USB Rechargeable. One charge lasts up to 10 tans.
  • Unit Weight: Less than 1lb!
  • How Much Solution Do I get:  Refill packs provide up to 4 full body tans. Can be purchased one time or as a subscription.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Faux Pro Self Tanning Machine

  1. Katie D.

    The Faux Pro tanning system is a phenomenal quick at home or on the Go self tanning system. As a master certified spray tanning artist I find myself grabbing this system often to keep up my own color because I don’t have to use a tent, I can quickly tan myself, and don’t have to rinse off the product. The clear solution provides a smell free- mess free- tanning experience with a beautiful glow in just a few hours. The cordless feature is really great for maneuverability and versatility. I can tan in my bathroom, bedroom, or anywhere that I need to. Since it is small, it is easily packed in a suitcase for a vacation to keep my tan looking fresh for the duration of my trip.

    I appreciare that the machine is rather quiet too , if I tan at night or early morning I’m not waking anyone as I would if I was using my loud pro system. With just 1 button the system is pretty error proof. The packaging it comes in is very attractive and compact, requiring little room for storage.

    At an affordable price point and option for monthly refill packs, you can’t go wrong with the FauxPro system. Highly recommend!

  2. Ali woodman

    This machine quickly became my go to method of self tanning for a few reasons: it’s clear so I can be forgetful and wait for the last minute, it’s packable (I’ve taken mine to hawaii, Vegas and a wedding), and my number one reason- I don’t need any help to get an even tan.

  3. Rebecca Church

    I am so obsessed with my faux pro! This is the only self tanning system I have found that offers seamless, fool-proof, stunning results. It’s extremely user-friendly and was perfect for travel as well! I highly recommend the faux pro.

  4. Crystal Mallory

    I love this machine! It’s super convenient and once I worked out the user error kinks (with Ami’s help!) I was golden. I take it with me on trips and use it in between tanning. It saves me a lot of time and I find that if you leave it on longer, the processing does better and you’re just as dark as when you see Ami.

  5. Sharon Shalawylo (verified owner)

    Oh how I wish I had this when I was younger!!!
    But alas, I did not. But doesn’t stop me from loving it today. This is the easiest way to add a little color and give yourself a glow in the winter. Must have. Easy professional results in your own home.

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