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Extend Monoi de Tahiti Sunless Self Tanning Lotion will create the perfect sunless glow in as little as 6 hours.

Easy Application | Non-Greasy (get dressed in 5 minutes) | No smell and No Mess

Ingredients like aloe vera gel, coconut and Monoi de Tahiti oil to provide superior hydration along with the perfect dose of sunless tanner will tan you in one application.

Use along for dramatic results or mix it with your favorite lotion for a more subtle glow.  Monoi de Tahiti oil is the nourishing “secret” of Polynesian women, it has the essence of the tiare flowers (Tahitian gardenia). Get nourished, hydrated and radiant skin with Extend. An all-natural alternative to chemical laden sunless tanners.

20 reviews for Extend

  1. Katarina Lee

    It is so hard to find a self tanning that smells good! Extend smells soooo amazing and it dries quickly. I was able to apply is all over and get dressed right away. It is also NOT greasy like other self tanners I have tried.
    One of my fav products and I would DEFINITELY recommend it to a friend.

    This photo is Before and after 3 hours of Extend.


  2. Emily Burkholder (verified owner)

    One of the biggest complaints I hear about tanning lotions is that it applies in a streaky manner. This self-tanning lotion does not do that. Not only does it go on smoothly, it moisturizers my skin without leaving the greasy feel that I dislike about lotions. Best way to get a tan if you can’t have it sprayed on!

  3. Hailey Temple (verified owner)

    Extend is perfect for when you don’t have time to squeeze in a spray. It also moisturizes and keeps color going longer after getting a spray tan.

  4. Laurie (verified owner)

    This product is my go to when the days get colder. It provides a great even color, nothing too dramatic, but at the same time get be used often for a deeper glow. You have the ability to customize your results.

  5. Carmen Betzold (verified owner)

    What I like most about Extend is that it allows you to extend you tan longer after it starts to lighten up. It goes on so smooth and smells wonderful as well. Clients love this product and how well it works.

  6. Jackie DeChellis (verified owner)

    Extend is flying off our shelves and my clients love this product to take on vacation with them and to have all year long Helps extend your tan with highly moisturizing it too Smells like a tropical vacation Can’t say enough about the products we represent

  7. Joanna Swogger

    Extend is my all time fav!! On vacation need a touch up? This is your bestfriend! Wonderful product!

  8. Shaunna Scoville (verified owner)

    Extend is an absolutely amazing product ! Smells good, extends the life of your tan and can use it alone as a gradual self tanner! Extend leaves my skin feeling moisturized and smelling good! I LOVE EXTEND!!

  9. Mary Davis (verified owner)

    Extend is very easy to use and it doesn’t take much. I’ve given out samples, used as and extender for my tans and I’ve used it as a self-tanner. You get your money’s worth for sure!

  10. Jordan Ward

    Love Extend for a touch of color or tan extender to get thru a couple extra days!

    Easy to apply and tan develops perfect!

  11. Amy Bell (verified owner)

    This product was a life saver!! I over booked all the things to do before vacay and didn’t have time for my spray tan. I applied extend the night before vacation the day of and by the next day it looked as tho I had gotten that spray tan!! This product literally melts like butter into your skin and makes you feel super soft! Extremely user friendly and The smell is amazing!! It’s literally a vacation in a pump bottle!

  12. Mary Prather

    Love, love, love Extend! It smells so good and I can just rub it on and go!

  13. Jayden

    This is the key to keeping your tan longer!! It’s lightweight and keeps your skin moisturized!

  14. Yvonne Adkins

    I use this each time after I shower when I’ve had a tan. This keeps your tan lasting longer! Love!

  15. Michelle Mott (verified owner)

    I love the extend for touch ups. Its perfect for when your tan is fading and you need some color before your next spray tan appointment.

  16. Marlo DeChellis

    I love how this product extends the life of my tan and can cause a gradually creates a tan with a couple uses. I would be lost without this product during my tans because I can go three weeks with a tan if I put this on every night! <3

  17. Jennifer Caugh

    Extend is an all around fantastic product. It’s moisturizing, has enough color to do an amazing job at extending your spraytan or can be used as a standalone gradual tanner.

  18. Amie Burkholder

    This product worked better than any others that I have tried! Would highly recommend to anyone!

  19. Jordanne Duffy

    The extend self tanner really surprised me when I first tried it. There is no typical self tan smell and the color came out perfect. I left mine on for 8 hours for a subtle bronze.

  20. Lorena Tant

    I love using the Extend product to give my regular spray tan a boost to last a few more days. It is also perfect for a nice glow during times I am too busy to get a spray tan. Overnight I go from pale to glow!

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