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Our Spray Tanning Certification course is unlike any other. We include Master Level work, like how to avoid and fix common mistakes, custom blending options and business building extras. BONUS: You’ll receive 2 hours with an Expert Artist to go over your questions and evaluate your work via video chats.

BronzedBerry’s Spray Tan Certification course will break down spray tan business essentials (specifically how to make money in this industry), spray tanning techniques (like how to avoid and fix common mistakes), safety protocols (waivers, insurance etc).

The course work is designed to turn newbies and novices into Tanning Artists. By the end of the course, our Artists are ready to see paying clients confidently.

You’ll Receive:

  • Instant Access To Online Curriculum
  • Tanning Artist Manual (mailed after purchase)
  • 1 Hour w/ Personal Mentor (Expert Artist) Via Phone
  • Critique Of Your Work – via video submission or in-person at our studio with live models
  • 1 Hour Evaluation/Certification With Expert Artist – Addresses all your concerns
  • Spray Tan Certificate
  • Access To Liability Waivers

This is accomplished by utilizing mobile friendly education software built into our website, combined with a personal evaluation of your work with an Expert Artist via video chat or in-person. No other company offers this!  Our in-person certification/evaluation is a great way to become a professional Tanning Artist in one day.

Similar concepts and techniques included in this program are taught by others in their Master Level programs. We recognize the need for advanced skills right out of the gate. This includes, but is not limited too, fixing mistakes, evaluating skin tone and thorough consultations.

This go at your own pace program can be completed in as little as 20 hours! For those that need to space training out, we’ve created a unique 21 Day path to Certification that is included FREE. The guide is emailed to you along with daily reminders keeping you on the path toward Certification.

Once certified you’ll then be able to take advanced courses, like Teeth Whitening and Custom Blending so you can up your game and earn additional revenue. Check our our courses here.

12 reviews for Spray Tan Certification

  1. Mitzi Davis

    Mitzi Davis (verified owner)

    Easy to understand yet well thought out.

  2. Mindy

    What a great program. Not only teaching the fundamentals but tips ans tricks. You can become a Tan-fastic spray tanner and be tan-arvolous!!

  3. Mitzi Davis

    What are you waiting for?

  4. Candice (verified owner)

    This certification is very informative. It fully covers everything that you need to know on how to become an spray tan artist and gives you the confidence you need for your own business. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is wanting a life changing experience or just as an extra paying job. All I have is good to say about BronzedBerry Certification and Artist Support!

  5. Michelle Melagrano (verified owner)

    Hello! My name is Michelle and I am a BronzedBerry Tanning Artist! I found BronzedBerry while searching for a company to spray-tan certify me. Not only is BB affordable, but it is also 100% Organic and my mentor was very supportive and helpful. The training was easy to follow and through. I couldn’t wait to keep going! After it all, when you get certified, you receive a certificate which gave me a sense of accomplishment! Thank you BB for making my dream a reality.

  6. Elizabeth Nash

    Elizabeth Nash (verified owner)

    Wonderful training easy to follow, well instructed!! Its great that there are not only tan instructions, but business instruction as well. Not to mention the organic products are fabulous to use!!

  7. Rachel

    The Bronzed Berry education and certification gave me the tools and confidence I needed to become a tanning artist. I spent a lot of time researching other companies, but I am glad that I chose BronzedBerry for many reasons, including the education I received.

  8. Nicole

    The certification program is amazingly well-developed! Not only could I learn at my own pace, I was given the tools and resources needed to provide a beautiful spray tan, and learn the fundamentals of running my own business as well! Everyone loves the perfect, organic glow!

  9. Kristin

    ‘The training I received to become a certified Tanning Artist was professional, informative & at my own pace. I was confident in my routine, skill set & level of commitment at which I put forth. It is very exciting to be an independent woman and running your own business!’

  10. Angela nieves

    I work at a salon and added this to my services and my clients love it! The products are amazing and the training is super detailed. The knowledge in this course alone will set you apart from people in this industry and it builds a trust with your clients when they know your certified. I 100% recommend this course to everyone who is curious to try this company or just want to understand spray tanning more.

  11. Danielle Plath – MissChelle’s Salon

    I used another spray tan company.. left you extremely dark and unable to go out in public for 4-6 hours! With Bronzedberry, I LOVE that we are able to spray and go out and finish our errands. My daughter is breastfeeding, and with an organic solution I know she is fine if any gets on her. That’s truly why we made the switch. Having an organic solution that doesn’t have dyes and chemicals.. who wouldn’t want to use it! And the smell of each is so low, you don’t feel like you have a spray tan. It’s wonderful!

  12. Jenn Haislip-Breen (verified owner)

    This training is literally step by step and it’s all online, and you can go at your own pace. It really made it convenient for me to fit it into my busy life. I was able to go back and review and that was helpful in memorizing different positions Etc. The whole certification process was pretty simple once I took the time to do it.

  13. Rebecca Church

    Rebecca Church (verified owner)

    I found BronzedBerry in 2015 when I was pregnant with my son and fell in love with the high-quality ingredients, gorgeous results and superior customer service. After enjoying the customer side of the company for almost three years my passion for its overall mission inspired me to add the spray tanning certification to my repertoire of cosmetology services and I am incredibly glad I did. The certification process was extremely thorough. I appreciated the ongoing support I received from the company and its’ mentors along the way encouraging and guiding me to my eventual success. They provide you with all of the necessary education and tools to truly create a firm foundation in your new business venture. The best part is that the guidance and education doesn’t just stop after your evaluation and certification – they have an army of artists on standby ready to answer your questions and help you advance in this career. I am beyond impressed with BronzedBerry’s commitment to their team of artists and am grateful to have their ongoing support in the growth of my skill set!

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