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Have you ever found yourself wondering how to make a spray tan or self tanner look more natural or it could last longer? Maybe, exfoliation and proper tools are what you are missing!  Whether you are getting a custom spray tan or giving yourself an at-home sunless tan with self tanner there are two simple and easy ways to make this process foolproof.

Start with Skin Preparation

Let’s start with prep work! 

Exfoliation – Prior to any sunless application it’s best to have clean, freshly exfoliated skin. Many clients make a two critical errors when prepping for a tan. 

1.) Using a sugar or salt scrub that contains oils/moisturizers. Oils act as a barrier for your skin, preventing proper development. Unfortunately, these products can also irritate your skin causing tiny abrasions that can get inflamed, infected, or in some cases, will not absorb the tan evenly. This can result in an uneven and patchy tan; and I know none of us want this! 

2.) Shaving the same day of your appointment.  This is a major “no no”. Shaving on the same day as your tan will open your pores on your skin. This can cause your tan to absorb unevenly and will likely create a speckled look that will last the lifespan of your tan (This can be really tricky to fix!). Also, many shave gels/creams contain moisturizers or oils which will act as a barrier and can result in an uneven or quickly fading tan. 

How to do it right:

Proper exfoliation is critical to a long lasting tan. A faux glow can only react and develop on the top layer of the skin. However, humans naturally shed that top layer of skin weekly. When sunless tan solutions or creams are applied to fresh skin, it has the best chance of lasting the full life span of that skin layer.

Note: factors such as age and cell turn over rate effect the speed at which your tan will fade. Typically, the younger you are the quicker your tan may fade.

The Glove (click here) provides the easiest, most affordable and effecient way of exfoliating skin. Also, no additional soaps, scrubs or products are necessary, it’s a one and done masterpiece!  BONUS: It removes a fake tan easily too!

Application AssistanceThe Mitt (click here) will help smooth out and buff any drips or streaks with ease. Because of its unique design, it allows for products to spread out evenly without removing the self tanner itself, unlike using cloths or microfiber towels.

Additionally, some professionals use The Mitt to smooth out any imperfections after an airbrush spray tan. However, the most common user of The Mitt is the at-home sunless goddess. These products are designed with everybody in mind!

Bonus Tip: using smoothing and buffing creams, sprays, or mousses in addition to The Glove and The Mitt can help you achieve a flawless glow that’s sure to please you!

Keep scrolling for tips on how to use these products properly for a perfect faux glow! 

Our Favorite Tips and Tricks!

  1. The Glove
    1. Exfoliation is a key step in achieving a flawless and even tan. To use this product, after about 10 minutes in the shower, apply soap and water to The Glove and rub off dead skin in circular motions. Pay extra attention to ankles, wrists, knees, and knuckles, as they tend to be our driest patches! 
    2. Why do we exfoliate before our tans? Dry patches tend to over-darken during processing and cause dark patches in your tan, and I know we don’t want that! Additionally, tans develop evenly on hydrated and exfoliated skin. In other words, exfoliating before your tan does wonders to ensure a smooth and flawless tan! 
    4. Check out the article below for more information on the benefits of exfoliation!
    5.  Additional Dermatologist guide to benefits of exfoliation
  2. The Mitt
    1. The correct application tools can be a total game changer for your at-home sunless tan! After exfoliating in the shower, use your velvety soft mitt to apply your self tanner. Our mitt is extra plush, allowing for smooth and even product distribution. Seriously, it is amazing for creating a flawless at-home tan! 
    2. The Mitt can be used for application of tanning lotions, like Extend or Face, but also works perfectly with our Faux Pro Tanning System! Our Faux Pro portable and wireless airbrush gun tans using our mess free Clear solution. After spraying yourself with the Faux Pro we recommend using The Mitt to rub in the solution for a flawless and even result!

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