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We’re Hiring!

now hiring spray tan technician
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We Want YOU!

We’re Hiring! Our studio is booming and we need you! Maybe, we need someone you know 🤓

Also, this part-time position comes with perks (like free spray tans), great pay and no experience required!

Job Summary

Get ready to “wow” clients with an exceptional spray tan experience, unlike any other. Clients should be greeted and provided a thorough consultation on the service offerings, color choices and provide after care instructions. Further, a heart for customer service and pleasing others is a must for this position. Also, the Artist will primarily work the studio solo, so someone who is independent and self-focused will do well here. Additionally, daily tidying up and maintaining a safe and clean environment is required. 

Moreover, verbal communication is key to this role. An understanding and ability to communicate about all our products and services is an important part of this position. 

Tasks & Responsibilities

Studio Hours(vary by season): Mon – Saturday from 10am-2pm, Wed – 4pm-7pm. 

We’re looking for 1 or 2 people to help cover some days, some week nights and 2 Saturday’s a month. 

Types of Tasks: 

  1. Phone Support:  202-630-1460 x 1. Responsible for answering questions and returning calls using our phone during working hours. 
  2. Time Tracking: Employee responsible for clocking in and out, using the time clock on the computer. Payroll runs bi-weekly. 
  3. Creating a Wow:  With every interaction with customers, (see our core customer service tenets) we expect team members to “wow” customers with amazing customer service, providing an experience unlike competitors. 
  4. Spray Tanning: Training provided for providing our spray tanning services. Further, the team member must complete online training here at the studio as well as perform practice services before seeing clients. Lastly, failure to perform these services commensurate with studio standards can result in dissolvement of employment.
  5. Consultations of skin tone and analysis: 
  6. choosing the right color
  7. Communicating plan and expectations to client
  8. Applying the solution properly
  9. Providing appropriate after care product recommendations

  1. Technology:  Using our salon software is required. Also, being able to book clients, check out clients (including processing payments) is required. 
  2. Cash Register: Keeping accurate register and batch it daily.
  3. Cleaning: After every shift tidying up is required. Also, on Friday OR Saturday a thorough cleaning of the Glow room is required. Additionally, cleaning includes dusting, sweeping and mopping the floors. Further, extraction fans and guns are cleaned weekly. 


Job Qualifications:

Valid Driver’s License – License must be valid. Further, two forms of ID are required.

Customer Service – Proper and polite phone and text etiquette is a must.

Must be on time and dress appropriately (neatly, cute but never sloppy).

Ability and Willingness to download and use our phone and salon Apps.

Computer Skills – Computer/Ipad/Iphone 

Clean Criminal Record 

Further Information:

Supervision: This position will report directly to Amie Burkholder for the first 90 days. An initial review will be provided after 30 days from the start date. Then, after 90 days this position reports to the Studio Manager. 

Working Locations: Studio Location – 509 Westwood Office Park, Fredericksburg VA 22401

Perks: Free spray tans. Also, team member receives discounts on Boutique items and other services. 

Earning Potential: This position will pay between $15-18 per hour plus tips and sales bonuses. 


This position has a direct impact on the bottom line of the whole organization. We expect every customer to be treated with the highest regard. Moreover, we understand there will be times when a customer is “not always right.” However, we are responsible for the language we use and how we respond. Further, BronzedBerry expects that all customers will be listened to and hear their concerns addressed. Additionally, we expect our team member to be responsible and only access the studio with the key on scheduled shifts. We expect punctuality on all shifts. Also, if a team member is running more than 5 minutes late they MUST call Amie immediately. Clients will be scheduled for the beginning of the shift, so punctuality is vital. 

Lastly, the safety of our team members is of vital importance. Additionally, if team the member feels unsafe for any reason they may lock the doors and call Amie.

Ready to apply?

Application – Click Here

Send completed application and resume (if you’d like) to:

Email Amie

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