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Blend in sunless tanning lotions, sprays and mouses with the BronzedBerry self tanning mitt. It’s simple to use and makes getting a flawless faux glow possible on your own. Apply sunless tanner to your body, rub in with hands. Wash hands, and put on the Mitt.  Add a dollop of product to the mitt, rub and blend all over. Take off mitt, swipe down the center of each hand and BAM you are done! Complete! Finished! Your flawless glow will develop (per the brands development time) and you are good to go.

1 review for Self Tanning Mitt

  1. Jordanne Duffy

    I love this mitt for applying my Extend self tan. It’s soft and applies a streak less even tan. It applies all the product to the skin and does not leak through to my hand.

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