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Funky spray tan smell? Not anymore when you use our pH Tonic spray tan prep spray. It helps balance and regulate the skins pH. The perfect preparation spray for spray tanning, minus the junky ingredients. Zero harsh perfumes and no alcohol leave clients skin refreshed and ready!

Funky spray tan smells have a lot to do with a natural body odor that’s created during the process of skin changing color. This can happen in a tanning bed or when spray/self tanning. Give your clients the royal treatment with our pH Tonic. It helps to balance clients’ pH levels and counteract deodorant or lotions they may have on their skin. Clients can suffer from pH disruption which can result in an unpleasant scent that lasts for days. Our tonic helps to neutralize odor and keep clients feeling and smelling fresh.

2 reviews for pH Tonic

  1. Marlo DeChellis

    Not only do I love this when tanning people but I love this for my personal self too, this product has gotten rid of poison ivy & many other things when I sprayed to on my self within a few times. It’s seriously the best.

  2. Rebecca Church (verified owner)

    I don’t know how I lived prior to having PH TONIC in my life! When it comes to the spray tanning business mantaining a balanced pH level of the skin is extremely important for developing an even glow – and a bonus to the particular tonic is the wonderful citrus aroma it carries that minimizes that typical “spray tan smell”. I went as far as putting this into a misting spray bottle and use it daily after cleansing my skin! It has really made a difference in the appearance of my skin and my makeup lays so much more nicely when applied.

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Aqua (distilled water), makakite extract, citrus limonum (lemon peel)