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Product Description

Spray Tan Prep Spray

A spray tan prep spray is the key to streak free, less blotchy and less smelly spray tan. Streaky, blotchy and smelly spray tans are often a result a clients skin not being prepped well. Spray tan junkies often complain about the smell of sprayEven with a perfect spray tan application  Spray tans provide an effortless and safe way to get a sun-kissed glow without exposure to harmful UV rays. However, one of the downsides of spray tans is that they can often leave an unpleasant odor on the skin. This is due to the chemical reaction that occurs between the active ingredient in sunless tanners and the skin’s natural oils.

To combat this issue, we create a pH Tonic spray.  It’s effective in reducing the smell of spray tans. The skin’s pH level is the measure of the skin’s acidity or alkalinity. When the skin’s pH level is unbalanced, it can cause various skin problems, including dryness, irritation, and odor.

Use this tonic before a spray tan (or any sunless product) to help restore the skin’s natural pH level, thus neutralizing the odor caused by the chemical reaction between the spray tan and the skin. Additionally, our tanning solutions contain ingredients such as witch hazel, aloe vera, and chamomile, which can soothe and hydrate the skin, further reducing the unpleasant smell.

How To Use:

Start with clean dry skin. Apply a few minutes before sunless application.  This can be reapplied to underarms after your tan has developed and to reduce the smell of a spray tan.  BUT only after waiting at least 8 hours after getting the spray tan and after the first shower. This allows the spray tan to fully develop and reduces the risk of the toner affecting the tan’s color.

Professional Application:

Using a professional spray gun apply approximately 1oz of tonic to clients entire body. See video training, click here. Always wait at least 2 minutes before applying spray tan solution. Want professional tanning artist training (click here for more information).

At Home Application:

Apply the toner to a cotton pad or tanning mitt and gently swipe it across the skin.Don’t forget the armpits!  If applying post tan avoid rubbing the skin too hard, as this can cause the tan to fade prematurely. Allow the toner to absorb into the skin for a few minutes before applying any additional skincare products.

Remember pH toners can help reduce the smell of a spray tan, they are not a replacement for proper spray tan preparation. For best results, it’s essential to exfoliate the skin before getting a spray tan to remove any dead skin cells.  Looking for the best exfoliator click here

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for pH Balancing Tonic

  1. Marlo DeChellis

    Not only do I love this when tanning people but I love this for my personal self too, this product has gotten rid of poison ivy & many other things when I sprayed to on my self within a few times. It’s seriously the best.

  2. Rebecca Church (verified owner)

    I don’t know how I lived prior to having PH TONIC in my life! When it comes to the spray tanning business mantaining a balanced pH level of the skin is extremely important for developing an even glow – and a bonus to the particular tonic is the wonderful citrus aroma it carries that minimizes that typical “spray tan smell”. I went as far as putting this into a misting spray bottle and use it daily after cleansing my skin! It has really made a difference in the appearance of my skin and my makeup lays so much more nicely when applied.

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Aqua (distilled water), makakite extract, citrus limonum (lemon peel)

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