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Our 10% Classic natural tanning solution is the perfect blend of good for you skin care combined with EccoCert DHA. Can be used on every skin tone to achieve a light, medium or dark result for clients. Classic has the power of a medium color guard to deliver instant gratification to clients and ease of application for Artists. Infused with chamomile, aloe-vera, gotu-kola extract and safflower oil, it’s sure to please even the most sensitive of skin clients.

Light – Medium Result – Use 2 ounces and client can wash off between 8-10 hours

Medium – Dark Result – Use 2 ounces and client can wash off between 10-15 hours

Dark Result – Use 2 ounces and should be left on 24 hours. It is recommended to only do this for clients who tan easily in the sun and have expressed a desire to be dark.

Thirty-two ounce bottle will supply approximately 20+ services.

16 reviews for Classic 10%

  1. Mitzi Davis (verified owner)

    The All Around Go To Glow

  2. Mitzi Davis (verified owner)

    #fantasticclassicglow #bronzedberryclassic

  3. Laurie Baquol-Lubold (verified owner)

    The Classic solution is my go-to solution whether looking for a light glow or a deep tan. So many ways to customize and still get the beautiful natural results each and every time. Pretty much fool-proof.

  4. Kim Williams (verified owner)

    Certified Organic that provides a beautiful natural looking tan! I’m obsessed and so are my clients.

  5. Emily Burkholder (verified owner)

    This solution is called Classic for a reason. Whenever I have a client that has never tanned before, I start them on this solution. It gives just the right amount of color, while giving my clients a gorgeous glow. With 10% DHA, I can use this solution on all skin types and adjust it to what my client desires.

  6. Ashley

    I got my first spray tan for Prom from Hailey Temple and I loved it! The color was perfect and it lasted for over a week. Highly recommended!!

  7. Amanda

    Hailey Temmple gave me a spray tan a few days before prom and I loved it! It looked natural, and perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better spray tan!

  8. Carmen Betzold (verified owner)

    Classic is such a wonderful solution! I usually start out my clients with Classic first to determine what works best for them. I always get such positive feedback on this solution. It feels very soft and clean when sprayed on. Great Solution and I thank BronzedBerry for making such wonderful products.

  9. Jen Bruning (verified owner)

    I sprayed a client with the Classic Solution and the end result was just perfect. She was so in love with the color and the best part about it was there wasn’t an orange color at all! It was so natural looking she said she kept getting compliments 🙂

  10. Brooke Lee (verified owner)

    Check out that glowing momma to be! She’s rocking her Classic Tan and it looks amazing. I love that this solution can be Custom Blended for each clients needs/wants!!!!

  11. Cassie Estes

    I got my spray tan from Brooke lee and I was absolutely in love! She made me feel so great in my skin while being 7 months pregnant I could still feel like a bronzed goddess! I’d for sure reccomend her everytime to anyone who wants some color!

  12. Melanie Morris (verified owner)

    Classic is my go to Solution…..I absolutely love the color that classic gives and the range of color I can do with this single solution. I always start my clients out with this solution and I have never had any unhappy clients!!!!

  13. Kelsey c

    I have been getting spray tans by Hailey Temple for a year or so now. The classic spray tan is perfect for me because I have fair skin – it looks super natural! Classic is my go to and I can always count on Hailey to make me glow!

  14. Julie West

    The Classic organic formula is always a hit with clients, leaving their skin just glowing and radiant.

  15. Brooke Fowler

    The color is perfect for my skin tone, it looks so natural and no one ever believes that it’s a spray tan. Literally life changing!

  16. Katarina Lee

    I have tried almost all self tanner and spray tan brands out there.
    They all tend to make my skin break out in terrible acne. What good is a great tan if you have huge painful acne covering your body.
    This is the FIRST tan that my skin loves!!! I am a ghost white gal, check out what a classic tan does for me!!!!!!!

  17. Mindy Courtney

    I am so in love with this long lasting double layer classic I received from Hailey Temple .

  18. Marlo DeChellis (verified owner)

    This is my absolute tanning solution ever. I have used bombshell a coupe times but nothing is like the classic solution, and being a level two it gives you the color to make it look so natural.

  19. Rebecca Church

    Classic Tanning Solution is just that – Classic! If you’re looking for a natural, but buildable glow then this solution is perfect for you! Applies beautifully and evenly while providing instant gratification with an immediate glow from the caramel make-up bronzer. Bump up your service by spraying with the PH TONIC prior and adding the Replenish Hydrating Serum directly to your classic solution!

  20. Lorena Tant

    The classic solution never fails, it looks amazing on most of my clients. A beautiful warm and even application for great color and coverage. I love this for my brides to my weekend vacationers , it is definitely the staple to my tanning studio. Xoxo

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