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Exfoliating Glove: The Key to Flawless, Radiant Skin!

Unlock the secret to perfect sunless tanning with our premium Exfoliating Glove, inspired by the traditional Moroccan Hammam rituals. Designed for longevity, one glove serves you for over a year, offering unmatched value and effectiveness.

Why Choose Our Exfoliating Glove?

  • Effortless Exfoliation: Whether you’re prepping for a fresh tan or waving goodbye to an old one, achieve it in just one shower session—no extra products required!
  • Universal Skin Love: Suitable for all skin types, it’s your ticket to soft, silky, and rejuvenated skin.
  • Multifaceted Benefits:
    • Unclog those stubborn pores.
    • Say no to ingrown hairs.
    • Boost your skin’s circulation for that natural glow.

Simple to Use:

  1. Immerse your skin in warm/hot water for a minimum of 5 minutes.
  2. Wet the glove with similar temperature water and slip it on.
  3. Ensure your skin is free from soaps or oils. Start scrubbing in your preferred motion—back and forth or circular. Adjust pressure to your comfort.
  4. Witness the magic as dead skin flakes away, revealing a polished, refreshed layer beneath.
  5. Gently pat dry and moisturize. Note: Post-exfoliation, skin might appear reddish or feel sensitive. Use with discretion on the face and avoid post-waxing or laser treatments.

Care Instructions: For hygiene and longevity, wash the glove on a gentle cycle. Always hang to dry.

Invest in the Best: Elevate your tanning game with our Exfoliating Glove. Because you deserve nothing but the best!

Additional Information

Weight 5 oz

1 review for Exfoliating Glove

  1. Mitzi Davis (verified owner)

    Would you go to your dentist without brushing your teeth? Think of using our glove in the same way for your skin in order to achieve the best tan. This glove is the bomb!!

  2. Katie D.

    Exfoliating is a must before a spray tan if you want it to last. This glove is perfect for before tanning prep, and removing tan when ready. Abrasive enough to remove a tan or prep skin, not so abrasive that I feel like I’m using sandpaper.

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