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Clear Tanning SolutionFinally, a sunless tanning solution without makeup! Our 10% Clear tanning solution eliminates the stickiness, smell and mess of traditional sunless tanning solutions. Furthermore, our product goes on clear, dries in 10 minutes, and is pure magic. In addition to at home use, professionals can use our Clear Tanning Solution in a larger size to add another layer of luxury to your in-studio/mobile clients sunless tanning experience.

 Also, we only use clean and gentle ingredients in our solutions! Our products are made in small-batches in our local studio so you can rest assured knowing love and care was put into crafting each and every one of our products.  Sincerely, we hope you enjoy living the Clear life as much as we do!

Lastly, sit back and watch your color develop in as little as 5 hours. When you get to the shade that you are happy with, simply shower and rinse off the solution! One of the best things about our Clear Solution is that you get to watch it develop in real time! No accidental over darkening happening over here!

This Refill pouch is perfect for use with our Faux Pro tanning system. This refill pack provides the proper amount of solution for at home or self application. We recommend purchasing our larger sized Clear Tanning Solution for professional use.

Result Guide:

For Light to Medium Results: Apply 2 ounces of Clear tanning solution. Then, instruct the client to shower and remove solution after 8-10 hours of development time.

For Medium to Dark Results: Use 2 ounces of Clear solution. The Client should shower and wash the solution off after 10-15 hours of development time.

For Dark Results: Apply 2 ounces of solution. Client should leave the solution on on their skin for 24 hours.

Now, you can have the glowing sunless you desire with absolutely no mess, no smell and no fuss.

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