Should a spray tan ever peel and become patchy?

Well, that depends, our goal is to educate you on how to avoid a patchy spray tan from the get go.

A spray tan is NOT meant to totally change the color of your skin, instead it’s meant to enhance your own skin tone and provide a couple shades difference. They will last for as long as that top layer of skin is on your body (average 5-7 days). The younger the client, the quicker a spray tan fades. This has to do with cellular turn over rate. The older the client, the slower their cells turn over and therefore their spray tans last longer.

A natural spray tan will take a client about 3 shades darker, exceeding 3 shades can easily make a client orange or the color can develop into a darker shade that is not easily achieved by this clients skin tone.



Going dark will result in a clients tan breaking apart more quickly and not fading evenly. It will often look unnatural when fading. This happens when a clients skin is going beyond 4 levels. When a client has been tanned beyond 4 levels and it’s been a few days the patchiness will begin to appear as pieces of the skin are sloughing off.

There are circumstance and times where the desired result of a dark tan overrides a clients desire for an even fading. This should be communicated to the client and it should be up to the client to decide. Avoid this altogether by not overdoing it! Or, let the client decide between longevity and even fading or ultra dark and patchy at the end.

At the end of a tan, when it’s time to come off, use our Glove to remove a spray tan. It’s like magic!! It will take off the old tan and prep the skin for lotion or a new spray tan.

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