You can workout with a spray tan!:

Get the best of both worlds! Be buff and glowing! Use this work out routine whenever you need to exercise but can’t afford to sweat off that fresh tan.

The fabulous fit and tan Lisa Reed from LRF (Lisa Reed Fitness) has created a 5 minute workout video exclusively for BronzedBerry!! She is a lifesaver! 

Why Sweatless?

We reached out to Lisa because many of our clients want to work out before or after their spray tan sessions. The problem? Working out with a spray tan will destroy it! Any drips from sweat WILL effect results. Developing spray tans need to be dry, eliminating sweat and moisture is paramount! We needed to come up with a solution for this common problem clients are dealing with!  Any good spray tan veteran knows that sweating while your tan is developing is a huge “No No”. Now, we can still get our head clearing workout, without the sweaty tan mess! 

Extra Tip: We recommend using our Clear tanning solution. In the case of sweating, Clear will appear less messy. Also, makeup won’t transfer to your adorable clothes! 

Thanks Lisa Reed!

We hope you enjoy 🙂

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