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Use as a Rapid solution as well (more info in description).


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Product Description

Dark Tanning Solution – Bombshell 12% DHA

This professional dark tanning solution actively combines top-notch skincare with EcoCert DHA. Dare to achieve a deep tan with Bombshell. Specifically formulated with a medium color guard and 12% DHA. This solution delivers a deep tan or acts as a rapid tanning solution for quick, stunning results.

Bombshell goes beyond just darkening your skin; it tans without drying. Infused with chamomile, aloe vera, gotu kola extract, and safflower oil, it nurtures your skin during the tanning process. These ingredients ensure comprehensive care, making this solution perfect for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

Our dark tanning solution excels with its medium color guard power, providing instant satisfaction and ease for clients and artists alike. It’s more than just a tanning solution; it’s a pampering experience that leaves clients feeling indulged and thrilled with their pronounced tan.

Clean Ingredients are the core of our commitment. We proudly stand as a company dedicated to providing a spray tan solution crafted solely from safely sourced, vegan-friendly ingredients. Our formula is devoid of Erythrulose and parabens, mineral oil and petroleum chemicals. Check out our Clean Beauty Promise.

For the perfect tan, follow these guidelines:

Dark Result – Use 2 ounces and client can wash off between 8-10 hours

Ultra Deep Result – Use 2 ounces and client can wash off between 15 hours max

Rapid Result – Use 3ounces and 2 full applications. Client can wash off in 6 hours. Client can expect instant results in 6 hours however, like every rapid on the market, full effects don’t fully develop for 24 hours.


Pro Tip: Avoid super fair skinned clients who only get burned. If they have never seen themselves tan before, it’s best to use our Clear or Classic and have them shower in 8 hours.

Reviews (19)

19 reviews for BBombshell 12%

  1. Mitzi Davis (verified owner)

    Blown away by BronzedBerryBombshell

  2. Mitzi Davis (verified owner)

    Not just for the ladies! This tan looks great on teen boys!

  3. Mitzi Davis (verified owner)

    No streak, no orange, all bronzed!

  4. Kim Williams (verified owner)

    Take it a step further…’s amazing and so natural looking!

  5. Nichole George (verified owner)

    I’ve never been able to enjoy a golden tan since I’m so pale and I burn from the sun. Bombshell gives me the tan that I’ve always wanted without the harsh UV rays or chemicals! Just a few minutes in the tent and I am glowing!

  6. Emily Burkholder (verified owner)

    This solution is not for everyone, but is absolutely amazing for those who are looking for a great dark tan. My clients who are looking for beach tan ask for this solution all the time. I love using this solution to give my clients the perfect beach bombshell tan!

  7. Hailey Temple (verified owner)

    I love Bombshell! I’ve used many other “dark” spray tans but nothing bets the flawless results from this one. It also lasts over week.

  8. Laurie

    This solution is great for those who want that extra level of color. Great color guide, goes on even and develops naturally despite it’s higher DHA percentage. Must try if you haven’t yet! Your clients will love it.

  9. Jackie DeChellis (verified owner)

    My favorite solution , Its beautiful for those daring to be dark, my beauty contestants, vacation clients , brides and my dance girls . Best Addition to the BB Solution line. Its my to go to for myself too!

  10. Jen Bruning (verified owner)

    I have a client that comes every week because she is so in love with the Bombshell Solution. She has been to many salons and says this is the best high quality product she has ever been sprayed with. It lasts at least a week for her and the color fades so naturally. She is happy so I am happy!

  11. Brooke Lee (verified owner)

    I cannot get enough of this solution! I am in love. I look freshly sun kissed right from the beach. If you haven’t tried it yet and enjoy going a bit darker…DO IT!!!!

  12. Meredith

    Brooke Lee introduced me to this amazing product and I’m so grateful! Not only does it provide an amazing tan but Brooke does such an amazing job! She’s the very best!! I ❤️ Bronzed Berry and I ❤️❤️ Brooke!

  13. Amber D.

    Love my tan!! So natural

  14. Julie

    Brook is truly an artist! She makes my spray tan look so natural! I love the color bombshell she uses and it gives me such confidence! I can wear all my summer clothes and look great! Thank you Brook! I am hooked!

  15. Dana

    Brooke is completely professional and knowledgeable as a tanning artist. She listened to what I wanted, created my own tanning formula and it turned out amazing!! No runs, not orange, very natural looking!! I highly recommend her services and the bombshell solution is the bomb!

  16. Melanie Morris (verified owner)

    My bombshell beauties are ready!!!! While one has been tanning a while and the other is new…..they both are loving their tans!!!

  17. Kim sullivan

    This product that Hailey Temple introduced me too was amazing. I was nervous at first to try it, but Hailey did such a great job and the finished product was way beyond what I expected! I would definitely encourage others to let Hailey use this product on them! You will love it.

  18. Rachel Wallace Menks

    Hailey Temple has been my go to for about a year now. I’ve always done the classic tan because I’m naturally so pale and never had a good deep tan before, so I wanted to stick to something more subtle like a glow. Hailey convinced me the bombshell would not look unnatural/too dark/orange on me. She was so right and I’m so glad I went with that choice. I prefer that in the summer now for my tans!

  19. VA Elliott

    Fall in Love with yourself again!
    Treat your skin with a healthy natural glow.
    Quick, Affordable & Cancer Free!

  20. VA Elliott

    Fall In love with yourself again!
    Treat yourself with a Natural Healthy Glow!
    Quick, Affordable & Cancer Free

  21. Julie West

    This client tanned weekly using the Bombshell formula and looked forward to enhancing her gorgeous pregnancy glow.

  22. Tiffany

    Hailey Temple introduced me to the Bombshell. I started going to her to get the classic which I also liked but she suggested the bombshell for my bridal shower because I wanted to be darker and I LOVED it. It made me such a pretty golden color and it really held its color. I could still see my tan even 5 days later. I will be getting bombshell for my bachelorette as well as my wedding! It looks and feels so natural!

  23. Hailey Temple (verified owner)

    My clients can’t get enough Bombshell! It’s the perfect color for that knock out glow.

  24. Hello Darling Beauty, Hair & Makeup

    Being in the beauty industry myself, I have seen a lot of spray tans gone wrong. I will always recommend our Brides go to Hailey Temple to receive their Bombshell Bridal glow before their wedding. It makes such a difference in their overall wedding day look and makes the professional makeup application look all the more better! It gives them that perfect glow every bride is in search of for their big day! With Hailey’s flawless application, I know our Brides are always in good hands.

  25. Courtney Lucas

    I have always struggled with finding a spray tan solution that didn’t look super fake and orange. Artist Hailey Temple directed me toward Bombshell and I instantly fell in love! It is definitely my absolute favorite.

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