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Signature Glow Starter Set

With this 4-in-1 service, you’ll be able to provide the ultimate luxury spray tan experience for your clients. The set includes a pH Tonic Toner, customizable tanning solution, Replenish moisturizing serum, and Coconut Drying Powder and more.

Our tanning solutions are superior in ingredients and come in a variety of options, including the 10% Classic and 12% Bombshell traditional tanning solutions that go on bronzy and provide show-stopping results. We also offer the game-changing 10% Clear solution that goes on clear, without any makeup or bronzer, and has zero smell or stickiness, providing the ultimate luxury for your clients.

The pH Tonic helps to open the pores of your skin for even absorption of the tanning solution, and helps to neutralize the smell for a less “funky” spray tan smell. Our Barrier Balm is superior to barrier cream, as less product is needed for a more precise application.

The Bombshell Serum, a 48% DHA concentrate, helps you create the perfect blend for your client’s skin tone and lifestyle.Our Replenish Hyaluronic Acid Serum provides hydration for up to 72 hours post-tan, leaving your clients’ skin feeling hydrated and healthy. And, the Coconut Drying Powder is the icing on the cake, providing ultimate drying and comfort post-tan through the use of a revolutionary powder puffer.

To top it off, our Custom Blend Course will teach you color theory and how to create and blend tanning solutions and additives, using different techniques and adjusting your spray tanning protocol based on your client’s desired outcome.

With the Signature Glow starter set and Custom Blend Course, you’ll receive a complete set of solutions and training worth $250, and become a sought-after spray tanning expert in your area. Order now and start creating a customized, clean, and comfortable tan for your clients.

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  1. Leanne Janney

    I love everything about this solution. It gives me the perfect sun kissed glow without spending hours out in the sun!

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