Signature Glow Starter Set

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Product Description

The Signature Glow – A luxury customized spray tan experience for your clients with ZERO dyes and Clean ingredients (see Clean Beauty Promise here).

Receive everything you need to create the ultimate luxury in spray tanning services for your clients. Including training!

Our Signature Glow that comprises of 4-in-1 services. We start with a pH Tonic Toner. This replicates what a toner does to your face to you whole body! It opens the pores of your skin even absorption of the tanning solution. It also helps to neutralize smell for a less “funky” spray tan smell. Our solutions can be customized and blended to create the perfect combo for your skin tone and lifestyle. We have multiple solutions to chose from including one free from makeup! Your Artist will go over all your options. Inside the tanning solution we mix our Replenish moisturizing serum. This is a 1% Hyaluronic Acid serum that will maximize hydration and provide 72 hours worth of improved skin hydration. The final step is our amazing Coconut Drying Powder, which smells delicious and doubles as a dry shampoo! The powder reduces stickiness, improves smell and makes it easier to get dressed. The combination of these products into our Signature Glow service provides a longer lasting, better smelling, more comfortable spray tan.

Set Includes:

  • 10% Classic (8oz)
  • pH Tonic (8oz)
  • Barrier Balm
  • Bombshell Serum (48% DHA concentrate)
  • Replenish (Hyaluronic Acid Serum)
  • Coconut Drying Powder
  • Access to our  Custom Blend Course to maximize the effectiveness of tanning solutions and additives.

Become the sought after spray tanning expert in your area through our Custom Blending course for spray tanning professionals.

Custom blending is all about creating a specific mixture, using different techniques and adjusting your spray tanning protocol based on a clients desired outcome.


  1. Evaluate Skin Tones
  2. Adjust techniques and protocols for specific body types (cheat sheet provided)
  3. How to calculate and mix any spray tan solution (regardless of brand) to achieve a custom color for each client
  4. How to use additives and explain benefits to clients
  5. How to provide a thorough consultation so that clients expectations are met

1 review for Signature Glow Starter Set

  1. Leanne Janney

    I love everything about this solution. It gives me the perfect sun kissed glow without spending hours out in the sun!

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