Spray Tans are Safe: here is the proof! SCCS, Scientific Committees 2010 in depth study analyzes potential health risks from DHA exposure. The exposure tested ranged from skin contact, lung inhalation as well as contact with mucus membranes.

Their conclusion was that DHA was safe. Read the report for yourself (pages 6-17 particularly relevant).

HVLP= Minimum Inhalation Exposure

BronzedBerry, as well as most other airbrush spray tanning companies, use HVLP…or as referenced in this study, Manual Turbine Spray machines. Therefore the conclusion of this study is that the ingredient in question, DHA as well as our use of it through the HVLP machine provides “minimal inhalation exposure”. They conclude that they believe, and their evidence supports, spray tan safety. Again, spray tans are safe!

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