fix a streaky tan

Water Mess Up Your Spray Tan?

Fix your streaky tan with sunless tanner! Extend is a perfect way to fix a messed up spray tan!  Use a quality sunless tanner.

The guide below will walk you through fixing a spray tan that water. Let’s fix a streaky tan and save your faux glow.  


Fix A Streaky Tan Guide:

Sunless tan require time to develop before getting wet but sometimes disaster strikes and despite your best effort, water comes in contact with your sunless spray tan.

Splotches/Streaks After Spray Session: If water has come in contact with your sunless glow within the first 2-3 hours of application. Apply Extend and redistribute the spray. Wash hands and shower in the time your Artist suggested originally. This will help blend it all back together and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Streaks/Water Marks After Shower: Sometimes we didn’t even notice that water came in contact with our faux glow. Have not fear, you can fix it at home. After your first shower if you notice streaks or marks, simply apply a light coat of Extend to any affected areas. Wash hands and wait 8-10 hours and you’ll see those areas fill in and camouflage the affected areas. 



Not all sunless tanner can achieve these dramatic results. Extend works like magic because it’s 10% concentrate, a white creamy lotion that does not require rinsing. Simply apply one time, wash hands and wait for the magic to happen. 

*Updated in 2023 – For even more information and how to video on fixing spray tans click here

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