Messy and/or streaky spray tans can and should be fixed and corrected before they develop! The trick is to catch it in time and have the right products on hand. Fixing a streaky spray tan can be done by anyone, so there is no need for professional intervention in most cases.

If there is makeup in the tanning solution that’s been used on you, it may settle in creases of your skin. Many clients don’t want to go the whole day with this issue. More often than not, once the solution is washed off after the full development time, these creases will disappear on their own. Occasionally, if a heavy handed spray tan was applied, it may be noticeable even after a shower. 

Don’t Panic!! Spray tans are surprisingly flexible and most issues can be fixed rather easily!!



Stuff Happens! Clients can get caught in a rain storm, spill drips on their skin while their spray tan is still developing, or sweat causing makeup disturbances or deep creases. This does NOT have to ruin their tan. It can be fixed!

What you will need:

A sunless tanning cream (spray or mousse) and a cotton pad or tanning mitt. Make sure to choose a cream that has ZERO makeup in it because we want to redistribute the existing makeup without adding more. Adding more makeup can make a big mess and your problem worse! 

By applying self tanning cream and moving the solution and makeup around the affected area, you are redistributing the spray tan solution and evening out the color. Even if the makeup looks disturbed, your end result will look great! An even distribution of DHA is what we 




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