Stinky spray tans are a common complaint. As a professional spray tan artist for almost 10 years, I’ve heard it all at least once. However, stinky or smelly spray tans is a recurring theme.

Most people don’t realize that there is actually a scientific reason behind smelly spray tans. It’s usually not related to the tanning solution itself, but rather a persons body reacting to the process of spray tanning and causing a pH imbalance/disruption commonly known as body odor.

Our body’s create a variety of odors relative to the issue it’s dealing with. Most of us use a pH balancing deodorant to combat common body odors, however expect sunless tanners know that wearing deodorant is “NO NO” before a spray tan.

For more science’y’ info on pH and alkalinity check out this article on Bevel.

Spray tanning solutions themselves come in a variety of colors and smells. The actual smell of the solution does not affect your pH. However, the ingredients in spray tan solutions and the process of your skin becoming tan can alter your pH. BAM you stink.

The stink can last for a short while or days depending on the individual. This happens for people who UV tan as well. I tell clients all the time, that if they smelled/stunk while UV tanning, then they have a high probability of a stinky spray tan too.

Don’t worry, there is a solution!

Ever heard of toner? Like the one you use after cleansing your face. Do you know what it does? You guessed it, toners help balance the skins pH. They’re not just for your face, a toner can and should be used on your whole body prior to a spray tan. This helps avoid the dreaded stinky spray tan smell.

Don’t confuse a toner with the astringent Sea Breeze you used in high school. Toner does help to combat oil and helps keep your skin matte throughout the day, but it also neutralizes the pH of your skin. Women’s Health provides some easy tips, click here.

For spray tanning, this creates the perfect canvas for absorbing the tanning solution ingredients effectively and getting the most out of experience. BronzedBerry trained artists use our pH Tonic with every Signature Glow.

Oh, yeah and you’ll stink less.

PRO Tip: Our pH Tonic can be applied to clients skin with your spray tan machine prior to tanning clients to provide the perfect canvas for your upgraded services.

DIY TIP: Use a quality and natural toner on your whole body prior to sunless applications. Our Toning Tonic can be spritzed all over, then rub in with a dry wash cloth for optimal results.