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Origin Story

A single red mole that turned into Melanoma eventually took the life of BronzedBerry founder (Amie Burkholder’s) father.

Before his passing Amie desperately wanted to help with appointments and medical care but her corporate jobs schedule wasn’t making it easier.

Her father was able to attend her wedding before his passing. She got a spray tan for her big day and while not a total disaster she saw areas for improvement. 

She created BronzedBerry which has grown from her garage to a physical studio, overseeing her own manufacturing line of professional and retail sunless products and training over 300 new artists.

amie burkholder and dad at wedding

Our Mission

our mission is to empower women and enhance their natural beauty, providing them with easy-to-use, mess-free sunless tanning products and professional sunless product line and training for tanning technicians. We believe that every body is beautiful and should be celebrated, and our goal is to help women increase confidence in themselves and love their skin again.

Why Choose Us

We aspire to make a positive impact by challenging beauty norms and stereotypes. While many companies showcase their products with young bikini models, we are committed to celebrating mature women over 40 as the epitome of beauty. We want to redefine the perception of sunless tanning, showing that it’s possible to achieve a natural, beautiful glow without the orange tint and artificial bronzers.

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