Cancer cells as a treatment for skin cancer? Read for more information on potential treatment options.

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Using your own cancer cells?

BronzedBerry wants you to be in the know on skin safety. Studies are showing improvements on our ability to treat cancer. Recent research may indicate that our own cancer cells could be what ends up saving our lives. Please read here to learn more about this potentially exciting course of treatment. 

[the treatment]…uses a patient’s own cancer cells – in essence, turning the cancer against itself. In a way that is unique. Instead of attacking the bulk of cancer cells, NeoStem’s therapy targets a patient’s cancer-initiating cells, often called “cancer stem cells,” which are those that proliferate cancer cells, spreading the disease and forming new tumors throughout the body.

Another Promising Treatment?

Read more about the skin cancer drug CLBS20 (NBS20/eltrapuldencel-T). Read more here. 

CLBS20 (NBS20/eltrapuldencel-T) is a novel dendritic cell-based vaccine product that has shown promising results in early phase trials in advanced melanoma. This cancer vaccine approach could play an important role in providing a sustainable survival benefit, targeting cancer cells themselves and avoiding off-target immune-related toxicity.

This sounds complicated. Simply put, this cancer drug has shown promising results in its early trials. It works like a vaccine and uses your existing novel dendritic cells to help patients with advanced melanoma. This drug could be a potential lifesaver for Melanoma patients! Read the study here.

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