How To Get The BEST Vacation Spray Tan

*Updated 2023

Achieve The Best Vacation Tan:

Professional spray tan artists should provide options for clients seeking a “back from beach look” before they’ve even left! Before we can teach you how to provide the best spray tan, you’ll first need to understand client requests.  With over 13 years experience we break down the Top 3 Types of vacation tanning clients.

We’ve coined our own process called; Vacation Cocktail, and we will give you the formula below. 

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Top 3 Types Of Vacation Tan Requests

Plan Ahead Girly

For clients who plan ahead we recommend 2 tanning sessions within a week. This strategy ensures a deep, yet natural-looking tan without the undesirable orange tint. Ideally, these sessions should be scheduled 2-3 days apart, with the crucial final session taking place at least 24 hours before departure.

Example Vacation Sunday: 1st Session Wednesday + 2nd Session Friday or Saturday


The effectiveness of a sunless tan hinges on several factors: the chosen solution, the client’s unique body chemistry, and the development time. Although we can’t influence body chemistry, it’s recommended to employ the Vacation Cocktail method for those who have a history of tanning well, especially if they are returning clients. Conversely, new clients, particularly those with fair skin or a tendency to burn, should be handled with extra care due to their susceptibility to an orange hue.

Additionally, it’s imperative to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s suggested development time. Solutions designed for an 8-10 hour window typically produce a natural look. However, attempting to prolong this duration for a deeper tan can inadvertently lead to overdevelopment, resulting in an orange shade. 

Lastly, when on the hunt for a tanning solution, it’s paramount to choose professional-grade products. Considering that a significant portion, over 70% of Americans, claim skin sensitivities** it’s wise to gravitate towards solutions devoid of dyes and perfumes. Products enriched with natural preservatives emerge as the top choice.

Last Minute Request Girly

Not everyone will plan ahead and 2 tans in one week is not possible. Don’t stress, you can still give them an amazing glow. We recommend offering them one session 1-2 days before their departure. Don’t use a Rapid tan (they are never as dark and typically don’t last very long). Aim for proper development time (8-10 hours). Choose the lowest DHA for the longest development time for a longer lasting result. 

Formula Examples

Existing Client:

  • Classic 10% Solution 12 Hours 
  • Bombshell 12% Solution 10 Hours

New Client: 

  • Classic 10% Solution 10 Hours
  • Bombshell 12% Solution 8 Hours
DIY Tan Girly

If you’re client can’t get an appointment provide them a ultra concentrated option to use at home. BronzedBerry makes lotions, drops and even a DIY spray kit that average 10% DHA level. Getting your clients tanned in one application. Check out our whole Retail Line, click here

Formula: Advise them on which product is best, how to use and to always WASH THIER Hands. 

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Vacation Cocktail Formula

bronzedberry vacation cocktail

Existing Client: Session 1 Classic 10% 8-10 Hours. Session 2 Bombshell 8 Hours max. 

New Client: Session 1 Classic 8 Hours. Session 2 Classic 10 Hours. 

Refer back to Plan Ahead Girly for full explanation. 

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