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Our Digital Media Guide includes a printable planning worksheet. The weekly planning guide is broken down by days of the week. In addition, The Guide includes useful scheduled activities for each day. Also, The Digital Planning Guide includes examples of effective ways to organize and systematize necessary activities. This Guide is perfect for creating a sustainable digital presence to extend your businesses reach and engagement. You too, can get a leg up on your online presence! Get the guidance and support you need to make your online presence shine! 

Amie Burkholder, BronzedBerry’s seven figure beauty brand creator, created this Guide to help new business owners know what really works! Amie’s tried and true methods will help your online presence grow and thrive. Amie Burkholder wears multiple hats as a CEO, worker, and mother. In effect, she was forced to learn how to successfully juggle many separate moving parts. When asked about the best advice she ever received, she insists it is to “keep your business lean and scrappy”. Amie still heeds this advice. Consequently, she has never hired a marketing firm for her business. You can do it too! Take advantage of Amie’s many years of experience and grab her weekly digital planning guide. The Digital Media Guide is perfect for beauty bosses or anyone else looking for reliable ways to stay consistant in their business’ performance. 

Use Amie’s years of experience to make you online digital presence thrive! Learn about techniques and methods that work. We hope to see you inside!


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