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Product Description

Barrier Cream has evolved!

Our ultra-concentrated Barrier Balm is lightweight and one tube replaces an entire 32oz bottle of traditional barrier cream. It goes beyond protecting the palms, our Balm actually can be used on eczema, psoriasis, age-spots and more!


  1. Infused with the healing power of beeswax and the nourishing touch of grapeseed oil – this balm stands out not just as a protective shield (DHA block) during spray tanning. With its naturally antiseptic properties it helps soothes skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and age spots. It can be applied with precision to those areas and does not need to be wiped off. It blocks the majority of DHA from affecting the damaged skin and ensures a flawless tan for clients who otherwise would have subpar results.
  2. Airless Jar – protects the product from bacteria and prolongs the life of your product.
  3. Petroleum Replacement – Your clients will rave about this product…and want to take some home with them! Because of its amazing moisturizing and nourishing properties this balm can replace petroleum like products, like Vaseline, in your everyday life.
  4. Replaces 32oz Jug – This small bottle has as many uses as the typical liter size barrier cream, but weighs 10 x less. Perfect for on the go Artists.
  5. Precise Application – Easy to apply with precision and effortless to wipe off, Barrier Balm revolutionizes the concept of barrier creams. Experience a sunless tan that celebrates natural beauty, quality, and convenience.

Click here for even MORE info on how Balm can change your professional spray tan life.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Barrier Balm

  1. Kim Williams (verified owner)

    No one wants tanned palms or a barrier cream that doesn’t work. This is amazing. It even leaves the skin softer than before application!

  2. Mitzi Davis (verified owner)

    Lightweight~protect~soothe~heal~simply amazing As an artist, I love the packaging, the product, and multiple uses of the Balm.

  3. Dianne Chandler

    This is an easy to use, super concentrated balm. A little goes a LONG way! One bottle lasts me over 6 months with daily use. Clients that have pigment issues or eczema can apply it to the affected area to prevent over processing from tanning solution.

  4. Tabitha Palkewicz (verified owner)

    I love how this product protects my clients palms from getting orange.

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