4 Questions To Help You Evaluate This Business

Every spray tanning professional wants to make money. But is it that easy? It’s not just about skill, it’s about strategy. Do you have one for your spray tanning business?

Listen in as Amie Burkholder, the Founder and CEO of BronzedBerry goes over 4 tried and true questions that every “work from home” entrepreneur needs to be able to answer.

  1. How Much Is Your Initial Investment 3:15
  2. How Quickly Can You Repay Yourself 3:44
  3. What Are Your Ongoing Expenses 4:20
  4. Is It Reasonably Sustainable 5:30

The rest of the webinar Brooke and Amie go over some of BronzedBerry’s business options from back in 2016. The content is still very relevant, while the offers and pricing is outdated. *Black Friday Deal was For 2016 Only.

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