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Kit Comparisons

It’s rough out there with so many options for spray tan starter kits. We’ve created a quick little video to help you navigate and pick out what’s most important for you.

Use this guide to help you compare equipment, training and solution offered in the market today.

Equipment – Keep in mind with imports it will be hard to replace parts if something happens. Our Apollo units are made in the USA and on average last our Artists 5 years+

Training – Online only, or simple multiple point tests are NOT enough. Look for more in-depth and personal critique of your work.

Solutions – Savvy customers demand high quality natural ingredients. Read the labels! If ingredients are not listed on website, stay away.

kit comparison guide

Many kits include an online course with ZERO interaction with a professional, no one is qualifying their work. Our comparison guide takes it one step further by exploring each of these offerings and price comparing including personal evaluation. Currently, BronzedBerry is the only company that offers and online course with 2 hours of a personal experts time and an evaluation of the artists work. This ensure the trainee can be confident spraying clients for money immediately because an expert has seen their work and verified it’s professionalism. All this without the need to travel. Hands on in person training is by far the most superior but many simply can’t afford it. 

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Anyone looking to break into this business should avoid online marketplace spray tan kits and choose a company that provide great training and support your new business.

Not only does BronzedBerry offer the most in-depth online course but it beats the competitors price by and average of $437! 

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