Spray Tan Certification

Our Spray Tanning Certification course is unlike any other. We include Master Level work, like how to avoid and fix common mistakes, custom blending options and business building extras. BONUS: You’ll receive 2 hours with an Expert Artist to go over your questions and evaluate your work via video chats.

BronzedBerry’s Spray Tan Certification course will break down spray tan business essentials (specifically how to make money in this industry), spray tanning techniques (like how to avoid and fix common mistakes), safety protocols (waivers, insurance etc).

The course work is designed to turn newbies and novices into Tanning Artists. By the end of the course, our Artists are ready to see paying clients confidently.

You’ll Receive:

Instant Access To Online Curriculum
Tanning Artist Manual (mailed after purchase)
1 Hour w/ Personal Mentor (Expert Artist) Via Phone
Critique Of Your Work – via video submission or in-person at our studio with live models
1 Hour Evaluation/Certification With Expert Artist – Addresses all your concerns
Spray Tan Certificate
Access To Liability Waivers
This is accomplished by utilizing mobile friendly education software built into our website, combined with a personal evaluation of your work with an Expert Artist via video chat or in-person. No other company offers this! Our in-person certification/evaluation is a great way to become a professional Tanning Artist in one day.

Similar concepts and techniques included in this program are taught by others in their Master Level programs. We recognize the need for advanced skills right out of the gate. This includes, but is not limited too, fixing mistakes, evaluating skin tone and thorough consultations.

This go at your own pace program can be completed in as little as 20 hours! For those that need to space training out, we’ve created a unique 21 Day path to Certification that is included FREE. The guide is emailed to you along with daily reminders keeping you on the path toward Certification.

Once certified you’ll then be able to take advanced courses, like Teeth Whitening and Custom Blending so you can up your game and earn additional revenue

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