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We love this Blue LED Teeth Whitening Lamp!

This Blue LED lamp uses the newest teeth whitening technology. The cool blue LED light activates the whitening gel and oxidizes the pigment of the teeth through dentin tubes. Moreover, this lamp helps whiten teeth in the shortest amount of time possible outside of a dentist office. This process brightens the teeth to sparkling white both externally and internally.

Clients can expect improvements of five to fourteen shades in their first session. Now, you can stop dreaming of dazzling teeth and have the bright smile you have always wanted!


1. Simple, lightweight, easy to install and portable based with wheel design.

2. The lamp freely adjusts to fit any angle/position so clients are always comfortable.

3.The lamp comes with a unique semi-circular head design. additionally, both arches get exposed to blue LED lights at the same time, saving time during whitening.

4. The lamp is high powered LED and fan-cooled.

5. Lamp is easy to read. Also, the lamp has a 0-20 minute adjustable timer. In effect, it is suitable for more brands of whitening gel because development time can be altered.

6. LED screen makes the lamp easy to use. Further, the lamp shows all information clearly, making operation easy.

Really, we highly recommend this lamp for professional use. Also, for more information on Professional Teeth Whitening Training visit our course!

Lastly, we would love to help get you started on your professional teeth whitening journey! Let us know if you have questions!

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