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Most Common Skin Cancer = Deadliest

Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer!

The most common skin cancer is the deadliest!​

Did you know, between the ages of 15-29, the most common type of skin cancer is Melanoma? Melanoma is also the deadliest skin cancer. Moreover, beyond Melanoma being deadly, it metastasizes and comes back frequently in patients. Simply, Melanoma costs patients more than treatments, it can cost them their life. More often than not,  Melanoma is preventable in young women. Further, one simple act save lives. Death to tanning beds! 


It’s just that simple. Faux glow, or spray tans are all the rage. Further, spray tans are available in every town, super market and online. Educate your loved ones and keep them alive. Yes, it can happen to you. Also, read the American Cancer Societies article on Melanoma, here.

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